What Are the Different Types of Workflow Tasks?

Workflow organization is a dynamic relationship that reflects the logical relationship between tasks in an organization system. During the implementation of a construction project, its management work process, information processing process, and design work, material procurement and construction process organization all belong to the scope of work process organization.

Workflow organization

Workflow organization is a reflection of
Workflow organization includes:
Management workflow organization: investment, schedule control, contract management process, payment and design changes
And other processes.
Information processing workflow organization, such as data processing procedures related to generating monthly reports.
Material process organization: deepening design work process for steel structure, working process for procurement of materials for weak current engineering, facade application
Work flow
Note the nature of design changes and design workflows.
Each construction project should be based on its characteristics, from multiple possible workflow schemes
The following major workflow organizations are identified in:
1. Design preparation workflow
2. Design workflow
3. Construction bidding workflow
4. Material procurement workflow
5. Construction Operation Process
6. Process of various management work (investment control, progress control, quality control, safety management, contract relationship, information management, organization and coordination, etc.)
7. Process of information processing related to engineering


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