What Is a Business Proposal?

Running a business is the act of selling goods or services to customers or users. Generally, it refers to one-to-one or one-to-many sales promotion. The staff who run a business are generally called salesmen. There are ten precepts and ten musts for running business. There are single-knife straight-in method and continuous affirmation method.

Run business

Overcoming salesman's fear of failure
Improve salesperson self-confidence and self-worth
Salesman must have a strong ambition
Salesperson must have full confidence and knowledge of the product
Salesperson must have a high degree of enthusiasm and service
Salesperson must have extraordinary affinity
Salesperson must be accountable for results (responsibility)
Salesman has clear goals and plans
Ten Commandments and Ten Musts
1. Crying children have milk. When many salesmen start to do business, they are often very enthusiastic. When they find customers, they send samples, and they do nt know what to do when they quote the price. In fact, you should keep asking him, when will your order come, and keep asking him until there is a result, in fact, purchase is waiting for us to ask him, just like the child does not cry, how do we know he is hungry?
2. You should fish, not cast a net. The most effective and comfortable way to run a business is to use fishing. Just like when we first started chasing girls, would we chase several girls at the same time and then have a success in Bo? We will pinpoint one and pursue her relentlessly until we succeed. I run my business like this. I will choose the right industry. For example, I want to make a headphone industry. I will pick about 3 of the industry and seriously attack him until I get into it. Others will be fine in the future. Done. In this way, when you have an 80% share in the earphone industry, we will transfer to another industry and copy it, just like fishing. Look at the big ones, fishing one by one, which is very comfortable.
3. Bold, thin-minded, and thick-skinned. When we were young, chasing girls, the older ones told us the experience: bold, thin-hearted and thick-skinned. In fact, doing business is like chasing girls.
4. The result of the conversation is not important, and the atmosphere of the process is important. When we chat with purchasers, we often pay attention to the content of the conversation and always say that there is no topic. In fact, we must pay attention to the process and atmosphere of our conversation. If we had a good chat and rapport that day, our relationship would be very close. After many days, we tend to forget what we were talking about at that time, and only remember when we talked well. In fact, the same is true for the purchase. We will have a quotation for him for the price. We will give him a quality acknowledgment for the quality. We will stamp it and sign it back to him. Interested questions are best.
5. Be sure to have a trial period. A client makes it, just like a man and a woman get married. Finding a client is like we found a dream lover. From calling to placing an order is like sending a love letter to getting engaged. It takes a long time to get married. Is living. Let's not do it all at once. It is difficult to maintain the freshness of marriage at first sight and love. After all, we should give our customers some time to check credit, service and so on.
6. Don't lose face in doing business. The business is done. When the money is collected, many people will think that I am so familiar with purchasing, and I feel embarrassed to go after him all day. Therefore, it s rare to chase money or chase it if you do nt chase it a few times. In fact, we also need to get the payment to get a commission. It s natural to owe debts. If you give him too much, your Business hasn't lasted long. I usually collect money, not to ask him to arrange, but to say sir, you arrange the payment for me on Wednesday. I went to get it that afternoon, and sometimes he said that day would not work. Say Wednesday is OK.
Detail processing
1. The appearance is not annoying. If you don't look good, let yourself have talent; if you don't have talent, always smile.
2. Temperament is the key. If you can not be fashionable, then be natural.
3. When shaking hands with someone, hold it for a while. Sincerity is treasure.
4. You don't have to use "I" as your subject.
5. Don't borrow money from friends.
6. Don't "force" guests to see your family album.
7. When you hit "" with someone, please sit next to the driver first.
8. Persist in speaking good words from others behind the scenes, and don't worry that the good words don't get into the parties' ears.
9. When someone says bad things about someone in front of you, you just smile.
10. Drive your own car, don't stop and say hello to a cycling colleague. People will think you are showing off.
11. Visit a colleague when he is sick. It was natural to sit on his bed and wash his hands after going home.
12. Don't let everyone know the past.
13. Respect people who don't like you.
14. Doing things right to others; or being ruthless toward things, showing affection to others; or being a person first and doing things second.
15. Self-criticism always makes people believe, but self-commendation is not.
16. Nothing can improve your bowling performance better than the onlookers. So don't regret your cheers.
17. Don't take others for granted. Be grateful.
18. The "starling" on the banyan tree was talking, only talking but not listening, but turned into a mess. Learn to listen.
19. Respect the teachers in the communication room and the aunts who are engaged in hygiene.
20. When speaking, remember to start with "us".
21. Applaud everyone who sings on stage.
22. Sometimes ask knowingly: Your diamond ring is expensive! Sometimes, even if you want to ask, you ca nt ask, for example: how old you are, everyone can speak, but some things should not be said on some occasions. We often see the phenomenon of ruining a business with one sentence in sales. If the salesman can avoid whispers, the business must be extremely successful.


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