What Is a Performance Management Framework?

The performance management system framework mainly includes four main parts: performance management system design, performance management organization and responsibility system, performance target system, and performance management process.

Performance Management System Framework

The performance management system framework mainly includes four main parts: performance management system design, performance management organization and responsibility system, performance target system, and performance management process.
Chinese name
Performance Management System Framework
Foreign name
Performance management system framework
Upper level
From a systems perspective, performance management involves two levels. Upper layer is
(1) Design of performance management system. It is the basic work of performance management. Through the establishment of a unified and complete performance management system, it guides and regulates the performance management of enterprises, traction and restriction of the behavior of managers and employees, ensuring that the performance management of the enterprise is promoted objectively and fairly, The evaluation is more fair and reasonable, ensuring the achievement of departmental and corporate goals. Including enterprise target decomposition, hierarchical classification assessment system, determination of assessment levels and assessment relations, selection of assessment methods, formulation of assessment scales, assessment appeals and assessment feedback methods.
(2) Performance management organization and responsibility system. With the system in place, the procedures for promoting performance management and the responsibilities of relevant personnel have been clarified, and an organizational guarantee system must be established next. Without a strong organizational guarantee system, performance management can only surface, and it is difficult to effectively implement it.
First of all, a performance management promotion committee with the participation of the president of the enterprise and the leadership of each department should be established to clarify the responsibilities of each member, determine the implementation method, schedule, and problem resolution. Secondly, the performance management promotion group of each department or system is established, and the group members are composed of managers and employees with certain management experience in the department. Each team is responsible for effectively implementing the performance management system in the department, and regularly reports on the progress of work and problems found in the process to the performance management committee and performance management support and consulting group. Third, the establishment of a performance management support and advisory group led by the Human Resources Department and involving management consultants to assist and assist the promotion teams in their work, train each team member, and report to the senior management on the progress of the process in a timely manner and resolve various issues encountered in the process. problem. Fourth, the performance management support and consulting group will train members of the committee and promotion group members on the ideas, operating methods, system contents and precautions of performance management, and publicize them to all employees. Finally, the performance management promotion team and the support and consulting team regularly track the entire performance management process, understand the system operation, department and employee performance improvement, etc., and sum up experiences and learn lessons in time to facilitate system optimization and improvement.
(3) Performance target system. Managers give subordinates the basis for setting work goals, from departmental goals, departmental goals from corporate goals, and corporate goals from their strategies. Only the goal system established in this way can ensure that each position is working in the direction required by the enterprise. Therefore, the performance target system starts from the analysis of the company's strategy, to the business focus and strategic goals of the enterprise, and then to the business focus and key indicators of the department. Finally, the performance target system is implemented at each level, so that the company's performance target system is established. However, the performance target system revolves around departmental functions or processes, and the goals or indicators set are for positions. They do not directly involve employees (executives) in the organization. Efforts to achieve the goal of the job are the problems to be solved in the performance management process.
(4) Performance management process. It can also be called performance management system, dynamic cycle of performance management, which refers to employee performance management system in this article. It includes four links: performance planning, performance coaching, performance evaluation, results use and feedback improvement. The performance management system mainly solves the problem of how to undertake the corporate strategy and goals at the "incumbent" level. Through it, the performance objective system is implemented to the "incumbents" (managers and employees) in various positions, thereby enabling performance management and management With the organic integration of the daily management of the entrepreneurs, the corporate strategy can really be implemented.


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