What Is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing (Brandmarketing) is the process of forming customers' awareness of the company's brand and products through marketing. It is a high-quality marketing concept for companies to continuously obtain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Brand Marketing

(Marketing Concept)

Brand marketing is simply: the specific image of a company's products is deeply reflected in consumers' hearts through some means. Brand marketing refers to the use of consumer demand for products, then the use of product quality, culture and unique propaganda to create a brand of value recognition in the user's mind, and ultimately form brand benefits
The most advanced marketing is not to build a huge marketing network, but to use brand symbols to build the invisible marketing network into the hearts of the public and deliver products to consumers. Make consumers recognize this product when they choose to consume, and investors recognize this company when they choose to cooperate. This is brand marketing. Brand marketing (Brandmarketing) is the process of making customers understand the company's brand and products through marketing. Marketing is both a
The survival of a company must be closely centered on the corporate brand promotion strategy. No matter which marketing method is the implantation and dissemination of its own corporate brand, the Internet era provides a broader space for the development of corporate brands, while also providing A new form of communication, especially in the WEB2.0 era, the Internet has become the front of brand word of mouth. Brand promotion, shaping corporate brand image and brand marketing. The establishment of an excellent brand should not only have a high reputation, but also a good reputation. In the information age, the use of search engines is an inevitable process for 400 million Internet users to go online every day. To make your brand well known, you must first make your products and services stand out in the search engine display.
The realization of brand marketing has extraordinary significance. What are the specific aspects:
Competitiveness with added value
The core competitiveness of a product lies in its added value. But where does the added value come from? From consumer recognition of the brand. Why does Apple Computer sell so expensive and still sell so well? Because Apple products have high added value, consumers like the Apple brand. Therefore, good products are the foundation of a company's competitiveness, but the foundation alone is not enough. It is also necessary to use brand marketing methods to stimulate the value of good products.
To grow, companies must first establish brand awareness
As for the understanding of brand marketing, small and medium-sized enterprises often have some conceptual errors, such as failing to realize the importance of the brand, thinking that as long as the product is good. If the business is still small, it may be so. However, if a company wants to develop and enter a larger market, it must face competition from other peers who also have good products. At this time, if there is no brand support, it will definitely not work, and it will be difficult to break through the bottleneck of development. Therefore, to grow, a company must first change this concept and establish brand awareness.
There are other business owners who know the importance of the brand, but think that their business is still small and brand marketing can wait for the future; or the business is still good now, wait until they are not good. As everyone knows, the sooner a company starts brand marketing, the better. If you do nt take the first step early, you can never have the second and third steps. Second, the current advertising costs are higher every day. Do it again in the future, and it will definitely cost several times more to get the same brand marketing effect. It's just like exercising. You can't wait to exercise until you're 60. It's too late. In the same way, you can't wait to see a doctor when you are sick, it will be very troublesome to heal.
Making a brand is easy, but not difficult
Some companies face problems that are unavoidable in the development process, such as the inability to sell, the blocked distribution channels, the lack of new products, the lack of morale in the team, the continuous suppression of opponents, and the rise in operating costs every year. Li Kuaidao is a mess, but because there is no brand marketing experience and team, I think that the brand must be unattainable, and the brand marketing must be very expensive and difficult. So hesitant and hesitant.
In fact, branding has to be carried out in stages, and it doesn't have to be a big investment in the beginning. Enterprises can first plan the overall strategic direction and make a brand blueprint. Then according to this blueprint, do it step by step, first to achieve the brand goals of the first stage, and then use the proceeds from the first stage for brand marketing in the second stage.
Consumption to life
From "consumer" to "life".
In the new era, brand marketers must understand that in this world, there are actually no consumers, because the purpose of everyone buying products is not to make money for the enterprise, but to realize the value they need.
Therefore, the brand in the era of the Internet is an important reference that can help customers make easy decisions, because today's customers have too many choices, and they have too little time to choose. Therefore, when a brand helps customers choose themselves and can truly meet the needs of customers, then the brand is firmly built in the minds of customers.
In the new era, it is an era of experience and sharing. Customers will quickly share their feelings about products, services, purchases and use through the mobile phone to the world. When customers are satisfied by purchasing the product and the services on the product, the brand will naturally be established.
Therefore, the brand marketer must treat the customer as an adult, as a living person, as a living person, and not as a symbol of consumption (consumer). Brand owners must face customers with a frank attitude. The era of treating customers as if they knew nothing is gone. On the contrary, in the online era, customers have more information than enterprises, and more and more customers are well versed in marketing communication. Customers have a lot of influence, and they can often use it in just a few minutes, less than 140. One word (microblog) can pull a brand from the altar into hell. This point, there have been countless cases around us.
Image values
From image to value
In the new era, the essence of social networks represented by Weibo is an era of classification of "fish, fish, shrimp, and shrimp", a new era that distinguishes communities based on values and hobbies, and a life in the United States. You can find a customer in mainland China through the Internet just because they have the same value preferences or special hobbies-this can be done before, but the instant era of mobile phones instantly makes this search behavior even more It's convenient.
In this new era, customers want to be able to purchase products / services from brands that contain values and ideas that are consistent with the values and ideas they admire or respect. Therefore, today, more and more customers are more and more eager to understand the values behind the corporate brand, and the business philosophy and values that the brand believes in are becoming more and more important to customers.
This is particularly evident in mainland China after the endless food safety incidents.
Corporate brand marketers must rethink their brand values.
From employees to colleagues
One cannot do things that do not even believe in success.
In the Internet era, the essence of brand is relationship, which is the mutually beneficial relationship between brand users and brand owners. This relationship is built on everyone who works for the brand.
Today, the survey shows that many people prefer to stay in a company that is less well-recognized but whose values can be recognized than to those who are more well-paid but lacking corporate social responsibility. A group of people who share common values is a colleague. As emphasized by the Zhicheng smart marketing planning agency: colleagues are a group of people who like to work together to create a cause.
In the online era, brand marketers must pay close attention to the power of internal brand building. Facts have proven that on Weibo, the strength of internal colleagues is even greater than the power of corporate brand communication. Because the social network communication in the Internet era is based on person-to-person communication. There is a strong sense of humanity in the transmission. This is why everyone who claims to be a master of Weibo marketing has to repeatedly emphasize Build an entrepreneurial Weibo brand.
From the concept of working employees to the concept of like-minded colleagues who create a career, in fact, it conveys a brand's values and business philosophy. This philosophy makes every business person a brand builder.
From buying ads to gaining attention
The time for the TV station to insert commercials is the time when the maximum use of the home toilets occurs. But this is also history. In the new era of the Internet, the turn-on frequency of TV is getting lower and lower. On the other hand, data show that in China, 380 million people have mobile phones, and the number of people using mobile phones to access the Internet is as high as 277 million.
Today, although you can still buy media (TV / radio time slots, newspaper and magazine layouts, etc.), you can no longer easily buy the attention of your audience. In the online era, the audience's attention can only be won by themselves, and can no longer be easily solved by spending money. This is the root reason why more and more corporate brand marketers feel that advertising is becoming less effective. This matter cannot be solved through creative advertising.
In the age of social networking, "winning" is a very important point. Brand marketers must think from winning: how to win media attention? How to win the attention of the living? How to make a brand a media link between the media and the people? At this point, based on strong, human insight, attractive, creative ideas, you can win and create a strong brand. Evian Mineral Water's "Baby on Wheels" works well, and you can search for it.
In the Internet era, the requirements for professional capabilities are getting stronger and stronger. This is an era of professional subdivision and professionalism. Strong professional skills make brand building easy, fun and inexpensive. This is why more and more professional consulting companies, professional creative companies, and professional production companies are becoming more and more valuable.
The three most important resources for enterprise development are "land, capital, and talent." The Internet era is the greatest era for talents to exert value.
The sound wave communication theory strives to build a omniscient perspective of brand development. It consists of five parts: the origin zone, the vocal zone, the echo zone, the silent zone and the silent worship. Brand-new system of brand communication. [1]
The future belongs to brands, especially global brands. The economy of the richest countries in the world is built on brands, not on goods. We know that consumers have three levels of branding:
The first level, thinking of a general, such as McDonald's, seeing it as an M, began to think of a brand general.
What kind of performance comes to mind second;
The third level is its subconscious. This subconscious is not everyone can tell you;
The process of building a brand in professional terms is:
  1. How to understand the value of the brand?
  2. How exactly is your brand positioned in the minds of consumers?
  3. What is the best way to communicate with consumers?
  4. How to impress consumers?
The problem of Chinese self-owned brand cars at the consumer terminal is not to find a way to launch products with the general quality of "foreign brands", but to gain the trust of consumers, that is, the new products launched by themselves can indeed catch up with the joint venture brands Competitive products at the same level.
Because the Chinese automobile market has a large scale that can accommodate 30 million vehicles, Chinese brand cars have launched a new round of product launch boom since the second half of the year. At the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, people found that this time their own brands were more prepared.
This is a new round of product offensives for independent brands, but industry insiders have two very different views on this. Some people believe that independent brands have changed their minds, especially through more refined product design and development concepts for higher-end consumers. , Will definitely help independent brands to occupy a place in mid-range cars and even high-end cars. However, some people believe that under the premise that their own brand's premium capability is not enough to support high pricing, collectively raising their own brands implies a huge market risk, because before that, independent brands were only A below 80,000 to 100,000 yuan. The segment car market has achieved a certain competitive advantage. This advantage is still based on high cost performance. Consumers will not be willing to buy this grade of independent brand again when they have the ability to change to a new car.
That is to say, even if the quality of the self-owned brand car can catch up with foreign brands, it has not been trusted by consumers. Although brand competition is in the final analysis the competition of products and quality, there is no comparable quality and service of joint venture brands, and independent brands cannot afford to talk about brand competition.
But what's more important is to convince consumers through more channels that the independent brand has mastered the ability to build a good car. Because through media reports, the "reverse development" idea that independent brands have previously advocated has been named "cottage", which is obviously unfair to some independent brands that have recently turned to the "forward development" strategy.
To study the reason why consumers do not trust self-owned brand products is that they are vague about the ability of self-owned brands to build cars and their ideas. From a marketing perspective, this requires independent brands to jump on marketing and do good corporate marketing, that is, to tell consumers that not only have decent products come out of decent products, but also master the car that complies with international standards and processes that are not inferior to joint venture brands. ability.
For example, it has always paid attention to building R & D basic capabilities, and recently announced that it will comprehensively develop R & D laboratories to the media and consumers, to show its R & D muscles to the outside world. It is necessary to reverse the consumer s mind that independent brand R & D capabilities are generally weaker than joint venture brands idea.
That is to say, it is necessary for independent brands to take a low-profile and high-profile road to build cars. Because from the brand appeal itself, the young independent brand and the joint venture brand with a history of more than 100 years are no longer the same. If you do not build excellent car-building capabilities, let the outside world know the actual situation of the "low-key but powerful" independent brands, and it will be even more difficult to improve consumer trust. At this point, it is necessary for independent brands to take advantage of the local media's communication advantages to fully display the "technical muscle".
In fact, this is also the process that all Chinese brands must go through after joint ventures, acquisitions, etc.
Brand marketing advantage 1: It helps companies adapt to the market and meet consumer needs.
With the development of the economy and the improvement of productivity, the economic market has gradually shifted from the seller's market to the buyer's market. Under the situation of oversupply, consumers have the realistic conditions of "shopping around the goods". Therefore, more and more enterprises have brand awareness, and also realize that in the increasingly active market environment of consumers, only by implementing a brand strategy can it occupy the market.
Brand marketing advantage 2: It helps to improve the overall quality of the enterprise.
Brand products are the comprehensive reflection of the company's technological level, management level and marketing level. The process of brand creation helps companies to improve the overall level of product quality and management quality, technical quality, and talent quality, and to speed up technological upgrading and rationalization of product structure.
Brand marketing advantage three: It helps companies to gain a firm foothold in the fierce international commercial war and gain an advantage in market competition.
With economic globalization, the stage for modern business competition has expanded from the country to the world. In the face of more powerful competitors, companies must actively plan and implement brand marketing strategies, so that corporate brands occupy a certain position in the minds of consumers and form loyalty, so that they can easily compete in the fierce competition and compete in the market. Has certain advantages.
Brand marketing advantage 4: It helps to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and minimize the risk.
Brand marketing transforms passive marketing into active marketing. All kinds of research and marketing work of the company are carried out together to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and minimize the risk of internal consumption. The brand operator alone controls the input cost to minimize the cost. Enterprises can get more and more reasonable profits.
Sandy land, spring water, desert, ecology, historic sites, etc. constitute a unique picture of western style, which is built and integrated to form a complete eco-tourism resort. It is also a tourist site full of vivid stories. Love, scenery, events, history will Become the foundation and premise of every functional project development. Therefore, when marketing the entire scenic spot, it must be closely linked to the theme of "Desert Style" tourism planning.
With the development of the western region, Jiuquan's economy is developing rapidly, and it has become one of the most popular cities in the western region. At this stage, the Suzhou District Party Committee and District Government, Construction Bureau, and Tourism Bureau have proposed in-depth planning and continuous development of tourism resources around Suzhou. Through the development and construction of tourism areas, the efficient, sustainable, and rapid development of the tertiary industry in Suzhou is formed. Suzhou District's economic belt around the city has promoted the integration of urban and rural areas. On the premise of protecting the wetland ecological environment, it is possible to rationally develop tourism resources and create comprehensive benefits.
As a comprehensive tourism planning and development area, the Huacheng Lake Tourism Area must be able to meet the needs of consumers in terms of scenic area management functions, such as hydrophilic amusement, style sightseeing, cultural experience, ultimate amusement, specialty food, shopping, leisure and vacation, etc. , And must make it feel value for money, so that consumers believe that consumption and investment here are more valuable than consumption in other places with similar functions, which requires that we must be able to move with the emotional color in the continuous marketing process Consumers attract consumers to scenic spots and demand more repeat customers. Not just relying on convenient transportation, abundant projects, and affordable prices.
The development and operation of the Huacheng Lake Scenic Area must be able to create a multi-layered consumer experience and allow consumers of different backgrounds to choose a different combination of consumption characteristics. Since the Huacheng Lake Tourist Area is not a simple "ecological protection area" and "amusement park", it is a comprehensive tourist area combining multiple groups of tourism experiences and leisure and amusement, so whether it is possible to create an experience with shocking consumption, will Decide directly on the success of business development.


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