What Is Donor Management Software?

Temple management software includes follower management, Buddhist affairs management, dharma management, tablet management, Buddha image management, donation management, conversion disciple management, resident monk management, staff management, volunteer management, file management, financial money flow management, accommodation / room management , Merit Club member management, charity management, Suzhai Museum management, intelligent management of tablets / Buddha statues, lighting management of brand / Buddha lamps, website informationization, warehouse management and legal circulation management etc. and successfully applied to more than 20 temples Here, we hope that more temple affairs can be managed more rationally, simply, conveniently, quickly and efficiently under the leadership of the Temple Affairs Management Committee. At the same time, it is also hoped that the temple itself can be injected with renewed vitality and vitality, so that it can continue to play an important role in folk folk culture and social moral order in the modern information technology era.

Temple management software

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The temple management software includes believer management,
Buddhism has been introduced into China from the Eastern Han Dynasty for more than 2,000 years. Traditional buddha system
The temple actively responded to the challenges of modern management, paid attention to absorbing modern management concepts, and focused on the organic combination of traditional management and modern management. However, the etiquette and customs activities of the temple: daily legal affairs, large-scale legal affairs, donation, release, conversion, lighting, etc. are closely related to people's daily life. It has a broad mass basis and management complexity. However, the management of the entire temple activities has long lacked a set of organized and planned efficient management models, so how can it gradually get rid of the traditional artificially inefficient temple management methods? It is a question that monasteries should actively consider today. If the temple does not use a software system to manage good faith information, legal affairs, donations, lighting, accounts, warehouses, etc., it will be necessary to spend a lot of manpower before and after the event to perform manual management. The pile of handwritten information after the event will also require expenditure Manpower to classify and archive; in addition to the cyclical laborers year after year, you have thought: If you can use software systems to assist management, how good it is! Shanghai Puyou Information Technology Co., Ltd. has spent more than three years exploring the predicament of monastic management in today's society. From the perspective of rationality to practice and scientific informationization, it has successfully developed a "temple affairs management system".


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