What is the Triangle Trade?

The "Black Triangle Trade" that began in the 16th century was the slave trade. European slave traders loaded salt, cloth, rum, etc. from their own countries and switched to slaves in Africa along the so-called "Central Route" through the Atlantic Ocean and sugar in the Americas. , Tobacco, rice and other plantation products, as well as gold, silver and industrial raw materials return. In western Europe, near the Gulf of Guinea in Africa, and between the West Indies of the Americas, the route is roughly triangular. Because black people are trafficked, it is also known as the "black triangle trade". It lasted 300 years.

Triangle trade

(Due to the opening of new routes)

The beginning of the 16th century
The opening of new routes. "
At that time, capitalism in the European colonial countries developed rapidly, and a large number of products determined that they could exchange blacks for this. The slave ship arrived in Africa along the ocean current. The first is the Canary cold current. The Canary cold current is located on the northwestern coast of Africa, about 45 & ordm north latitude and about 15 & ordm north latitude. It is a compensatory current. Flow is also compensation flow. After the slaver arrived in Africa, he exchanged low-value commodities with the chiefs of the black tribe to exchange young and powerful blacks. Black tribes and their tribal leaders who are still in a state of barbarity and ignorance, under the instigation and coercion of slave traders, black people are bought by slave traders like commodities.
From Europe, take a boat to Africa and capture the slaves.
Then, a slave ship full of black people crossed Daxi along the central fairway.
It promoted the development of British capitalism, brought huge wealth to Britain, promoted the development of British industry and commerce, and enabled European capitalism to fully develop. It was an important step in the original accumulation of capital.
At the same time, the slave trade provided a large number of cheap labor for the development of American colonies, and promoted the formation of modern American capitalist culture.
Western colonists brought advanced production methods, lifestyles, and ideas to Africa, and objectively promoted the development and progress of African colonies.
However, the devastation of the slave trade and the socio-economic destruction of Africa is inestimable, causing Africa to lose nearly 100 million of its labor force. The full development of European capitalism is economically the original accumulation of capital.


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