How Do I Become a Clinician-Researcher?

Clinicians are clinicians. Up to now, there are 24 types of clinicians in China, all of which need to be certified by the national medical practitioner or assistant medical practitioner examination.


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Clinicians are clinicians. Up to now, there are 24 types of clinicians in China, all of which need to be certified by the national medical practitioner or assistant medical practitioner examination.
Chinese name
The clinician
24 types
verification method
National Practitioner or Assistant Practitioner Examination
Pro: Face to face; Bed: Hospital bed. Clinical literally means to go to the bed, or approach the patient, generally refers to those who directly contact the patient and give treatment. Such as clinical departments (internal medicine, surgery,
"The Great Doctor's Sincerity" is a very important document on medical ethics in "Preparing for the Thousands of Money" written by Sun Siyi of the Tang Dynasty in China, and is a must-read for practitioners. The Great Doctor's Sincerity discusses two issues about medical ethics: the first is precision, which means that doctors must have superb medical skills. The second is sincerity, which means that doctors must have a noble moral culture.
"When healing a large illness, he must be calm and calm, and he has no desire or desire. He first sends out a great compassion and vows to save the sufferings of the soul. If there is a disease for help, you must not ask the rich, the poor, the rich, or the young. Complaints of relatives, kind friends, Huayi foolishness, universal identity, etc. are as close as you want. You must not look forward and look after yourself, care for the good and bad, and protect your life. See his distress, if you have it, you are deeply worried. Do not avoid danger, Days, nights, heat, fatigue, hunger, fatigue, and one-hearted rescue, no heart-work. This is a great doctor, but it is a spiritual giant. Since ancient times, he has been treating diseases, and has used his life to help the crisis. Noble man, as far as life is concerned, one man and one animal are harming one another, sharing the same feelings, and being worse than others. Husbands kill one's life for survival, and live farther. I am here, so I do nt need life as a medicine, so good The maggots and leeches belong to the city. If there is a deceased person in the city, then the city will use it, not in this example. Just like a chicken egg, because of its chaos, there must be a lot of urgency, and it must be used forbearance. It can be used by those who are not able to do so. He has also suffered from sores and diarrhea. But hair ashamed, sad pity, worry-shirts meaning, not from a study of heart pedicle mustard, is also my ambition. "
"A husband is a method of medicine. He laughs in intones, talks loudly, talks about right and wrong, talks about characters, shows off his reputation, and denigrates doctors. He is a man of virtue. When he accidentally cures a disease, he wears his head up and has The self-assured appearance means that there is no match in the world, and this healing man's anointing is also. "
From this perspective, a clinician should have three:
First, he must first be honest, humble, and respect the patient. Of course, doctors are not saints. They also need to support their families, but doctors earn money like an old Chinese saying: "A gentleman loves money and he has the right way." Be a doctor must be humble, you do nt have enough knowledge, you must consult an experienced doctor, or ask an experienced doctor, do nt be afraid to lose face in front of the patient. Patients and family members bring great sadness.
Second, clinicians must have superb technology, superb medical skills, and rich clinical experience to be able to really cure the disease, use the shortest course of treatment, and the most effective method to restore the patient's health and eliminate the patient's physical and mental pain. Restore patient's organ function.
Third, as a clinician, you must pay attention to your professional ethics. If the patient you diagnosed cannot be cured, you must tell his family not to spend any more money on treatment. If you clearly know that the patient's illness cannot be treated, you can also give him treatment and let people spend a lot of money, which is very immoral. In the eyes of ordinary people, the good doctors are probably those great doctors in the court! This is not a good doctor. This kind of doctor holds a signboard or publishes several papers, and his left hand and right hand are prescribed. This is responsible for the patient or their technology is indeed a win! ? So what is a good doctor? A doctor who treats the patient's life as his own life, a doctor who is brave to admit his mistakes and deficiencies and can correct such mistakes in a timely manner, a hard-working and enterprising doctor, a knowledgeable and rigorous doctor, a science-oriented and procedure-oriented Doctor, a doctor who is good at listening to the voice of patients is the real clinician! By Chief Physician Tan Fengyuan


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