What Are Student Teaching Evaluations?

There are broad and narrow teaching evaluations. Generalized teaching evaluation refers to the evaluation of all factors that affect teaching activities. The teaching evaluation in the narrow sense is a process of systematically inspecting the teacher's teaching and assessing its value, strengths and weaknesses according to certain teaching goals and standards, in order to improve. It is not only an important part of the teaching process, but also the basis of all effective and successful teaching.

Teaching evaluation

High awareness of the importance of assessment
Carrying out evaluation work is the need to implement the scientific concept of development and improve the quality of education and teaching. Evaluation is a "booster" for the construction, reform, and development of colleges and universities, and an effective means to improve the quality of education and teaching. Judging from the evaluation in recent years, there are indeed many problems in teaching in universities. For example, the teaching conditions of some universities are not good enough, and the management is not standardized, which directly affects the improvement of education quality. Many problems were found through the evaluation. In order to cope with the assessment, some schools organize teachers and students to make up test papers and dissertations, and even make up fake documents and data, and attribute this fraud to the assessment. It must be explained that it is not the assessment that led to fraud, but through the assessment, it exposed the problems in school management and the problems of school leaders in terms of thought and integrity. This precisely illustrates the need for evaluation to facilitate the resolution of these issues. We must recognize that conducting evaluation work is the need for the government to change its functions and strengthen macro management. It is an effective way for the government to use information, legal, and administrative means to implement macro management and target management. Improving quality all plays an important role. As long as the requirements and items specified in the evaluation plan are promoted through evaluation, it will be translated into the school's conscious understanding and action.
From an international perspective, assessment is an effective means to ensure the quality of higher education in many countries around the world. The evaluation of higher education in developed countries has a history of decades or even hundreds of years, and more and more attention is paid to evaluation, which is regarded as an important measure to strengthen macro-control and improve the quality of education.
The evaluation work is of great significance and significant results. This is the basic evaluation of the teaching evaluation work of colleges and universities in China for more than ten years, especially since the establishment of the five-year evaluation system.
Practice has proved that evaluation work has played a very important role in promoting the transformation of educational thinking in colleges and universities, establishing modern educational concepts, strengthening teaching work, implementing the central position of teaching work, improving school running conditions, standardizing teaching management, and improving education quality. Full affirmation and high appraisal of the higher education front and all aspects of society. Since the evaluation started, the total number of institutions of higher learning that have been evaluated by the Ministry of Education has reached 454. Among them, since the five-year evaluation system was established and implemented for three years, 171 universities have also been evaluated. These schools that have already been evaluated reflect that evaluation has greatly promoted the construction, development and reform of schools. Just now
A key measure to improve the quality of higher education in China is to vigorously carry out teaching evaluation. We must adhere to the principle of "promote construction with evaluation, promote reform with evaluation, promote management with evaluation, combine evaluation with construction, and focus on construction", and strive for high quality Promote the teaching evaluation work in a local way, do a good job and do the real thing.
First, strengthen the five-year round of assessment system, including the annual basic teaching data disclosure system
Ministry of Education forwarded by the State Council

Teaching evaluation increases teaching input

Speaking of investment here, it includes both hardware and software investment, as well as funding and energy investment. Improving the quality of teaching is not possible without sufficient investment. Whether to pay attention to teaching input is to examine the education administration department of a region, and to check whether the leadership of a university really attaches importance to teaching work and important aspects of teaching quality. The basic conditions for teaching are the prerequisites for the normal development of teaching and the material guarantee for improving the quality of teaching. We must conscientiously implement the requirements of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education regarding the conditions for running schools, earnestly increase investment in teaching, and improve the conditions for running schools. At present, in particular, it is necessary to increase investment in practical teaching, and to have sufficient funds to ensure the high-quality development of students' experiments, internships, practical training and social practices.
In addition to strengthening hardware investment, more effort is needed in software investment. The problem now is that some college leaders have not really paid much attention to teaching work, but have paid more attention to the scale, degree points and key disciplines of the school, and have not devoted major time and energy to teaching work. Among teachers, the emphasis is on scientific research rather than teaching. Some comrades do not carefully prepare lessons, do not worry about teaching, and do not study teaching. Although such comrades are a minority, their negative impact on teaching style, style of study and school style cannot be underestimated. The president of Shandong University Zhan Tao said well, "Teaching is the first day job of teachers." College teachers should devote their main energy to teaching and fulfill their duties of teaching and educating people. At the same time, students should be mobilized to devote their main energy to learning activities, cherish time and study hard.

Teaching Evaluation Strengthens Teaching Management

To improve the quality of teaching, we cannot do without science and strict management. First of all, we must establish and improve the basic management rules and regulations of schools, and promote the standardization of teaching work. Judging from the past evaluations, our teaching management is still quite irregular and not strict. For example, many experts who have evaluated the graduation design (thesis) index of colleges are not very good, which is related to the incompleteness of the system in this link or the inadequate implementation of the system; some school students have experienced internships and even "Sheep" is also related to the fact that the school has not established a corresponding scientific and strict management system. Of course, this issue is not only a management issue, but also a question of recognition and investment. Schools should seize the opportunity of evaluation, establish and improve various teaching management rules and regulations, and implement them conscientiously to provide basic institutional guarantees to ensure and improve the quality of teaching and make teaching work rule-based. To improve the management level, all universities must attach importance to the construction of management teams and pay attention to improving the quality of management personnel. It is necessary to establish and improve the teaching quality guarantee mechanism in schools. Schools are run by teachers. It is necessary to establish and improve incentive and restraint mechanisms to promote teaching, so that teachers can love teaching and do a good job of teaching. Teaching is student-oriented. Through effective teaching management methods, students' enthusiasm for learning should be stimulated to form a good atmosphere of learning and ability, and promote innovative talents to stand out.

Teaching Evaluation Deepens Teaching Reform

Teaching reform is the key to improving teaching quality. Education administrative departments and universities at all levels must conscientiously implement the spirit of the Ministry of Education's 2005 No. 1 Document "Several Opinions on Further Strengthening the Undergraduate Teaching Work of Colleges and Universities," and promote the deepening of teaching reform. The following points need to be emphasized:
It is necessary to face social and economic needs, scientifically adjust and set up majors in accordance with the reality of the university, and deepen the reform of the talent training model.
It is necessary to promote the reform of the curriculum system, teaching content, and teaching methods, promote research-based and heuristic teaching, and cultivate students' innovative consciousness and practical ability.
We must vigorously strengthen practical teaching. Our education policy clearly states that education must be combined with productive labor and social practice. It is necessary to establish and improve the practice teaching system, take practice teaching as an important aspect of implementing the Party's education policy and quality education, ensure the time of practice teaching, increase the investment in practice teaching, and improve the quality of practice teaching.


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