What are the Different Types of College Degrees?

Types of education, mainly including full-time general PhD graduates, full-time general master graduates (including academic masters and professional masters), non-full-time general master graduates (professional masters) Undergraduate, full-time general college (higher vocational education), including adult education. (Correspondence in Adult College Entrance Examination, Night University, Self-study, Online Education, TV University)

Education Type

For undergraduate and graduate students:
1. Ordinary (universal enrollment): National unified college entrance examination enrollment, that is, four-year ordinary full-time undergraduate. Qualified students can get double certificate, academic certificate + degree certificate.
2. Ordinary college promotion (universal enrollment): the province uniformly recruits students, that is, two-year ordinary full-time undergraduates. Qualified students can get double certificate, academic certificate + degree certificate.
3. Adult college entrance examination: The adult college entrance examination (learning method: part-time, amateur (night university), correspondence) must have a double certificate and a certificate, and the certificate has adult higher education printed on it.
4. Self-examination: Candidates take a single-subject examination. After all subjects pass, they will be issued a diploma. There are dual certificates, there are documents, there are self-examination committees on the certificates
General Higher Education Degree Code
The levels of general higher education are in order from high to low: doctoral degree certificate code (01), master degree certificate code (02), second bachelor degree certificate code (04), general full-time undergraduate degree code (05), general Full-time college (higher vocational education) education code (06)
General Higher Education Certificate Number
Note: The first five digits of the academic form of the general full-time diploma are the name code of each university. The sixth digit is (1). The year of graduation , the eleventh to twelfth digits represent the year of graduation at the academic level, and the last six digits are the school graduation order number.
A degree certificate is a certificate granted in order to prove the professional knowledge and technical level of a student. In China, the qualification unit is a college or scientific research institution recognized by the Ministry of Education. Such as bachelor's degree, master's degree, etc.
Diploma certificate is a diploma issued by a school or other educational institution that implements diploma education within the academic system to those who have completed a certain level of education in the academic system.


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