What Can I Do with a Bachelor of Science in Technology?

An adult bachelor's degree is an academic title that indicates that the education and academic level of the grantee has reached the required standards. [1]

Adult Bachelor Degree

China's degree points
The qualifications for the award of an adult bachelor's degree are autonomously set by universities, and the regulations of different universities are different. Common application conditions usually include the following three:
First, the average score in normal time is not less than 70-75 points;
Make sure that conditions other than degree English will not be an obstacle to your degree.
1. Normal grades: Normal grades in the form of adult college entrance examination correspondence are all determined by the school where the local correspondence station is located. If the local school attaches importance to the degree, the average score will not become an obstacle.
2. Graduation thesis: Students should carefully write their thesis, and communicate fully with the thesis tutors of colleges through correspondence stations. A certain level of thesis and a good relationship with the tutor can ensure a good graduation thesis.
Nationally organized degree English exams are the biggest obstacle for most students to get a degree, but if only this one condition is left, students should actively prepare under the guidance of the school, it should not be difficult to overcome, as follows:
1. Participants must pass the degree English exam before graduation or within one year after graduation. The exam is only twice a year. It is about the third level of English. It is usually registered in March and June, and the exam in May and November. Every exam opportunity.
2. It is best for students to apply for degree English in the second year (the first year is better) and take the pre-degree tutoring class according to their English level. If you have nt done it for the first time, you can try the second time. Or the third time.
3. Many trainees remembered their degrees before graduating from junior year, and found that they met the application requirements. Therefore, they could only take the last degree English exam. The preparation time was insufficient, and the pre-exam tutoring class was not found. Degrees pass by.
Of course, many students are unable to make up their minds to take the degree English exam early without knowing whether the other two conditions are met, and they miss the exam opportunity in hesitation. [1]


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