What Does a Boatman Do?

Boatman means a person who works on a wooden boat.

[chuán f]
Refers to people working on ships.
Boatman, formerly known as Zheng Xiyou, also known as Lefu, Fanfu, Zhang Ge, etc., poet, photographer, great cultural person, and systematic culture researcher. He published thousands of poems, essays, reviews, documentaries, lyrics, and photographic works in dozens of newspapers and magazines in China, including Poetry, Contemporary, Chinese Writers, Red Flag, and Chinese Poets. "Brilliant Sunrise", "Yoyo World Careers", "Eyes of Taiji", "Selected Poems of Boatmen", "Songs of Hot Land" and other publications have been published by "Chinese Dictionary of Poets", "Chinese Poets", "Chinese Writers" "," Today's Literary Circles "," Literature Window "," The History of Literature in the 20th Century in Northern Guizhou "and many other books and periodicals. Signed writer of Chinese writers, special author of Chinese reportage, a member of Chinese Poetry Society, a researcher of China Modern Culture and Art Research Association, a member of World Chinese Poets Association, and dean of Loushan Institute of Culture and Art.
Boatman, formerly known as Li Lihua, was born in Wuhu, Anhui. In 1981, he graduated from the Literature Class of the Cadre School of the National Federation of Trade Unions. He joined the work in 1956 and has served as a worker at the Wuhu Shipyard and a member of the Literary Creation Group of the Wuhu Wenlian Center. Vice Chairman of Wuhu Writers Association, member of Wuhu Cultural Federation, member of the Eighth Political Consultative Conference of Wuhu City. Published works in 1962. He joined the Chinese Writers Association in 1995. Compiled "Fire in South Anhui" (cooperation), "One Page in South Anhui" (cooperation), "River Tide in the River" (cooperation), etc.


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