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Electronic authentication The use of electronic technology to verify the legitimacy of users. Its main content has the following three aspects:

Electronic certification

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Electronic authentication The use of electronic technology to verify the legitimacy of users. Its main content has the following three aspects:
(1) I confirm the legality of the self-reported individual and the legal person. The simple way to confirm yourself is to use a user ID and password in combination.
With the vigorous development of 3G Internet, e-commerce has ushered in an unprecedented new era. The openness and sharing of the network makes the information distributed in the network at a high-risk state. The personal information of users is extremely vulnerable to various malicious attacks such as illegal monitoring, illegal copying, and illegal access. How to effectively protect personal information has become an important issue in network applications.
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Electronic Certification Services." The "Planning" proposes that by the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", China will form a nationwide network identity authentication service system, which will basically form a reliable system.
The specific operation procedure of electronic authentication is: the sender is doing
The purpose of electronic authentication is to identify and authenticate the public key (including multinational authentication) through the CA authority to prevent or reduce electronic files caused by the loss, damage or decryption of the key.
The effectiveness of electronic certification is generally guaranteed in two ways. The first and most direct is confirmation through legislation. This is mainly through the law authorizing the competent authorities of the government to formulate corresponding rules, so that the effectiveness of electronic certification is ultimately legally guaranteed. Many US states adopt this approach. This is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1 Express direct recognition of acceptable technical solution standards in direct legislative form; (such as Utah, U.S.A .; Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Law, etc.)
2 Authorize the competent government authority to formulate corresponding rules, such as enjoying the power to issue or revoke CA institutions' licenses for electronic certification business, and at the same time have administrative penalties for CA institutions that violate regulations / illegal business operations;
3 Develop clear conditions and procedures for establishing and managing CA institutions. At the same time, at the level of supervising CA institutions, the competent government departments also set up databases of all CA institutions that are legally registered and registered to operate electronic certification services for customers' inquiries. As required by Utah law in the United States, the public key
1 Summary of relevant provisions of the basic specifications of the electronic medical record (trial) Article 8 The electronic medical record system shall provide operators with proprietary identification and identification means, and set corresponding permissions; the operator is responsible for the use of his own identification.
Article 9 After the medical personnel use the identity to log in the electronic medical record system to complete various records and other operations and confirm them, the system should display the medical personnel's electronic signature.
Article 10 The electronic medical record system shall set the authority and time limit for medical personnel to review and modify. The medical records recorded by the intern medical staff and the medical staff during the probation period shall be reviewed, revised and confirmed by electronic signatures of medical staff legally practicing in this medical institution. When medical personnel make changes, the electronic medical record system should identify, save traces of previous changes, mark the correct time of modification, and the information of the person who modified it.
Article 11 An electronic medical record system shall establish a database of personal information for patients (including name, gender, date of birth, ethnicity, marital status, occupation, work unit, residential address, valid ID number, social security number or medical insurance number, and contact phone number Etc.), grant unique identification numbers and ensure that they correspond to the patient's medical records.
2 Summary of the relevant provisions of the technical guidance part of the online fund sales information system Article 40 When fund sales agencies conduct online fund sales business, when they need to use electronic signatures or electronic certifications for customer information and transaction information, they shall comply with relevant national laws and regulations.
The authentication authorization and encryption system adopted by the online fund sales information system shall have sufficient strength and anti-attack capabilities, and shall be regularly checked and adjusted in a timely manner according to the security needs of the online fund sales business and the development of information technology.
Article 41 The online fund sales information system shall not conduct any form of data exchange with third parties without authorization from the fund sales agency, and has the function of sending information to designated addresses only after authentication.
Article 42 An online fund sales agency shall guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and auditability of online fund data transmission, and reliably encrypt client information, transaction information and other sensitive information of online fund transactions, which shall not exist Any intermediate link performs data encryption and decryption.


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