What Does a Dance Teacher Do?

Place of birth: Taiwan English name: Keybo The founder of the first six-star coach DSP International Sports Club owns the first DSP professional skating performance team in Asia. The 2008 Olympic Games has my national tour concert. Mr. Wang Qinxian is in the dance, skating and even performing arts. There are outstanding performances in the world, especially in the inline skates and dance. It represents a professional image. At the age of 12, he started to contact skate skating. At the age of 16, he and his cousin Wang Mingjie participated in the China TV Hot Dance Newcomer Award. He was selected as the best dance newcomer for 8 consecutive weeks. In 1985, he won the second place in the London Boys Taiwan Dance Competition. After completing his military service, he officially entered the performing arts circle. He began to act as exclusive dancers for some singers such as the Tiger Team and the Four Heavenly Kings. He also contacted many foreign line dance teachers and later became an artist. Exclusive dance teachers, such as Zhang Weijian, Jin Chengwu and other artists.

Wang Qinxian

(dance instructor)

Wang Qinxian dance

In terms of dance:
Little Tigers / Girls Team / Zhang Weijian / Sun Yaowei / Chen Xiaodong / Weng Hong / Wu Qilong / Fang Wenlin / Shi Yinan / Jin Chengwu / Donna / Huang Yiling / Chen Yuxuan / Shen Yang / Lin Zhibin / Zhang Qingfang / Mingxiong / Luo Baiji / Wu Qixian, etc.
An artist who was an exclusive dancer
Guo Fucheng / Zhang Xueyou / Liu Dehua / Jin Chengwu / Lin Zhiying / Wu Qilong / Su Youpeng / Zhang Weijian / Sun Yaowei / Zhong Hanliang // Lin Qiang / Bao Weiming / Shen Yang / Xu Ruoxuan / Lin Jiayi / Ren Xianqi / Yineng Jing, etc.

Wang Qinxian skating

Regarding skating:
Artist who taught ice skating
Xie Tingfeng / Sun Yaowei / Ren Xianqi / Xin Yi / Li Tingyi // Qu Ailing / Cai Cande / Zhong Hanliang / Zhang Chunchun / Luo Baiji / Sun Xiezhi / Zheng Jiayu / Liu Kaiwei / Shen Yang / Lin Zhibin / Wu Dawei / Xie Lijing / Dong Zhicheng / Wu Qixian / Sun Guohao / A sister

Wang Qinxian large events and other

Events and more
Cooperated with Weng Hong in the film [Very Bodyguard] / Magazine 97-year-old 4-page interview / Guo Fucheng Mainland Taiwan Singapore Concert / Zhou Huimin Taiwan Concert / Little Tigers Southeast Asia Concert Schedule / Dalian Zhongxing Concert Schedule / Chengdu Zhongxing Concert arrangement performance / Guangzhou Changlong Night Zoo Large Circus Dance Orchestration / 86 National Day Gala [Wu Qixian] / 87 National Day Folk Entertainment Finale [ ] / 87 New York Express Roller Dance Taiwan Referee And the opening performance at the performance / 87-88 President s Palace Thousands Dragon Solitaire Dance Stunt Show / Yun \ Dynamic Perfume Product Launch Conference Program Arrangement and Performance The opening of the very fast song exclusive skating dance choreography and performance / Antai Life's annual awards show choreography and performance / Perfume tour round knife demonstration performance / 88 Cultural Construction Association show with Taiwan province tour / 88 New Year's Eve party version Show / 89 Depression Screening Day Skating Dance Show / 89 Taoyuan County Inline Skating Roving Teaching and Performance / 2000 Taiwan Extreme Sports \ Exercise Trial Referee / 2000 Cultural Construction Association Wuyaodi National Dance Competition won a masterpiece / Opening performance of Herald Square in Taipei County / Opening ceremony of Jianguo Road in Xindian City, etc.
The only designated school of Jacky Cheung Musical Snow Wolf Lake Yusiyuan Performing Arts Training School
China Women's Federation Da Zhi Ai Mother Water Cellar Charity Event
Olympic \ Have My National Tour
Chief Director and Artistic Director of Miss International Competition / Judge and Artistic Director of World Male Model Finals
Zhiying Lin, General Counsel, Shanghai Concert
Organized Ads
Hei Song Sha Shi [Type Edition] / Sanyang Locomotive [Dance] [Outdoor] / Wayne Coffee [Ring Wheel] / Hexin Telecom [Xie Tingfeng] / Yuan Chuan Telecom [Shopping] / Bouncing Master [] Wait
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