What Does a Licensed Optician Do?

Spectators are assigned to the professional qualification certificates of optical shops. The certificate is a formal certificate issued by the National Labor Bureau and the Social Security Bureau, and the number of each certificate can be found on the official website!


Title: Glasses Set
Author: China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center
Publisher: China Labor and Social Security Press
Publication time: March 1, 2011
ISBN: 9787504589262
Folio: 16
Price: 21.00 yuan

Brief introduction of eyeglasses

"Spectacles Assignment Workers (Intermediate)" is organized and compiled by the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center in accordance with the principles of standards, textbooks, and question banks. It is a national vocational skill appraisal recommended counseling book. The content in the book is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the "National Occupational Standards · Specialized Glasses Assignment Workers" (revised in 2007), which is the direct basis for the national question bank propositions for the occupational skills appraisal of intermediate glasses assigned personnel. "Glasses Ordering Workers" introduces the technical requirements and related knowledge that intermediate glasses ordering workers should master, including ordering, template production, determining processing centers, edging, assembly, quality inspection, calibration, equipment maintenance, and so on. [1]

Catalogue of Spectators for Glasses

Chapter 1 Orders
Section 1 Analytical Prescription
Learning unit 1 Terms, terms and abbreviations for astigmatism prescription
Classification and Identification of Toroidal Lenses in Learning Unit 2
Section 2 Product Introduction
Features of Study Unit 1 Coated Lenses
Learning Unit 2 Features of Photochromic Lenses
Section 3 Checking Outbound Products
Learning unit 1 uses the image shift method to determine the optical center, axial position and vertex power of astigmatic lenses
Learning unit 2 astigmatism measuring astigmatism lens
Learning unit 3 autofocus meter for measuring astigmatism lenses
Learning Unit 4 Paired Inspection of Coated (Stained) Lenses
Thinking questions
Chapter 2 Template Making
Section 1 Template Making Machine
Learning unit 1 selection and placement of template blanks
Learning unit 2 positioning and fixing of the frame by the template machine
Learning unit 3 template machine cutting template blank
Section 2 Trimming Templates
Learning unit 1 template manual chamfering
Learning unit 2 examines the correction template horizontal processing baseline
Thinking questions
Chapter 3 Determining Machining Centers
Section 1 Measuring the Geometric Center Horizontal Distance of the Frame
Learning unit 1 measures the distance between the geometric centers of the half-frame frames
Learning unit 2 measures the vertical height of the half-frame frame
Section 2 Installing Suction Cups
Determine the center position of the astigmatism lens on the center unit of learning unit 1.
Parallel of reference line of astigmatism lens on learning unit 2 center instrument
Thinking questions
Chapter 4 Edging
Section 1 Setting the Processing Parameters of Semi-automatic Edging Machine
Learning unit 1 selects the type of lens chamfer and the position of the sharp edge
Learning unit 2 adjust lens sharp edge curvature
Section 2 Grooving Operation
Learning Unit 1 Slotted Lenses
Learning unit 2 set slot arc type
Learning unit 3 sets slot arc position and slot depth
Thinking questions
Chapter 5 Assembly
Section 1 installation
Learning unit 1 with half frame lens
Learning unit 2 Replace half-frame frame with nylon filament
Section 2 Shaping
Chapter 6 Quality Inspection
Chapter 7 Proofreading
Chapter 8 Equipment Maintenance


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