What Does a Plumbing Inspector Do?

The pipe inspection port is an open short tube with a cover plate, which can be cleared by removing the cover plate. The inspection port is set on the drainage riser and on the longer horizontal pipe section, which can be cleaned in both directions. Its setting stipulates that in addition to the highest and lowest floors of the building, one can be installed every two floors. Flat-top buildings can replace the highest-level inspection opening with the vent opening of the ceiling. When there is a B-shaped tube on the riser, an inspection opening shall be provided on the upper part of the B-shaped tube. If it is a two-story building, it can be set on the ground floor. The setting height of the inspection opening is generally lm from the ground, and it should be 0.15m higher than the upper edge of the sanitary appliance in this layer, forming an angle of 45 ° with the wall. [1]


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