What Does a Sanitation Engineer Do?

An environmental engineer is someone who knows how to conceive, design, manage and supervise various construction projects related to improving public health, the environment, the use of natural resources, and nature protection.

Environmental engineer

For example: sewage systems, water treatment plants, waste treatment plants, waste landfills, sound insulation projects, etc .; or; other facilities, equipment, and equipment related to protecting the environment, controlling pollution, treating hazardous waste, and saving energy
Relevant data show that currently there are only 130,000 employees in the environmental protection industry in China, including more than 80,000 technical personnel. According to internationally accepted practices, the gap in environmental engineers in China is around 420,000.
The reporter learned from related channels that with the development of the domestic real estate industry, domestic
This major studies urban and urban water, gas, sound, solid waste and other pollution control and water supply and drainage projects,
This specialty develops the knowledge of urban and urban water, gas, sound, solid waste and other pollution prevention and control, water supply and drainage engineering, water pollution control planning and water resource protection, etc. , Engineering units, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, schools and other environmental engineering discipline senior engineering and technical personnel engaged in planning, design, construction, management, education and research and development. [1]


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