What Does an Injury Lawyer Do?

Lawyer Feng Zhenguo, male, Han nationality, born in October 1974, member of the Communist Party of China, full-time lawyer of Henan Chenzhong Law Firm, deputy secretary general of Henan Provincial Lawyers Association Criminal Business Committee, executive member of Criminal Business Committee of Zhengzhou Bar Association, Zhengzhou Bar Association Executive member of Youth Committee. He graduated from Renmin University of China and China University of Political Science and Law with a doctorate degree.

Feng Zhenguo


Since 1994
Hua Mo and others organized a triad case
Corruption case by Ma and others
A case of bribery by Pan and others
Case of Major Liability Accidents
Theft, rape, and illegal possession of firearms by Lee and others
Case of Intentional Injury by Xu et al.
Case of illegal operation by Tian and others
Theft by Kang and others
Zhang and others illegal detention case
Zhang Transportation Drug Case
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