What Is a Library Clerk?

Librarians are professionals responsible for library operations, including a set of procedures for purchasing, processing, describing, circulating (borrowing and returning), analyzing and reporting, and reader services for library collection resources. The school librarian also assumes the educational function of readers, guides readers to find and use academic literature resources, and educates readers to study or research.


University librarians are usually awarded the rank of teacher or equivalent. But in the common understanding, librarians are often misunderstood as
The ranks of librarians in Chinese colleges and universities are usually divided into four levels. Assistant librarians (junior librarians), librarians, associate research librarians, and research librarians are equivalent to assistant lecturers (assistants), lecturers, and associate professors in China ,professor. Generally, librarians are only non-professionals in libraries, and are not included in the professional ranks of college libraries. Non-academic librarians are also divided into five levels, with librarians as the lowest rank.
University librarians in the United States, Canada and other countries often grant professorships directly as teaching staff (faculty), from lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor in order from low to high. Non-academic libraries usually adopt a similar ranking of librarians in China. [1]


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