How Do I Exchange Foreign Currency?

Designated foreign exchange banks are various commercial banks approved by the state to conduct foreign exchange business, such as Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and Construction Bank. It is illegal to conduct foreign currency exchanges outside of designated foreign exchange banks and legal foreign currency exchange points.

Foreign exchange

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, with an average daily trading volume
Foreign currency convertible in China mainly includes: British Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar,
Reported by China's banking institutions
If individuals need a small amount of foreign exchange for overseas payment, they can buy foreign exchange at the bank. According to the "People's Bank of China"
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Introduction to foreign exchange

Introduction Internet speculation in foreign exchange is also known as speculation in foreign exchange margin individuals. It is a superior financial investment tool than stock market investment. Its investment direction is the global Internet speculation foreign exchange market. Since the daily fluctuation of exchange rate is not as large as that of the stock market, the return rate is small if the real investment is exchanged for personal investment. Using margin for personal investment, speculative foreign exchange investors can use the principle of leverage, small bets, individual two-way personal, flexible operation, and because the global market, the probability of the market being controlled by individuals or institutions is very small, so relative to More transparent and fair for the stock market.
Personal Internet speculation foreign exchange (FX market) usually refers to various payment methods expressed in foreign currencies that can be used for global settlement. Including: foreign currencies, foreign currency deposits, foreign currency securities (government bonds, treasury bonds, corporate bonds, securities, etc.), foreign currency payment certificates (bills, bank deposit certificates, postal savings certificates, etc.).
Among various investments, online foreign exchange speculation can be regarded as one of the most fair and attractive investment methods.
Internet speculation in foreign exchange speculation means that investors use the financing provided by banks, market makers or brokers to speculate on foreign exchange individuals.
The general financing ratio is more than 20 times, that is, the funds of online speculation foreign exchange investors can be enlarged by 20 times for personal use. The larger the proportion of financing, the less funds the customer needs to pay, making full use of the leverage effect of small strokes.
In addition to capital amplification, another of the most attractive features of Internet speculation in foreign exchange is that it can be operated in both directions. You can buy profit when the currency rises (long), and sell profit when the currency falls ( Short) so you do nt have to be limited by what is called a bear market.

Foreign exchange advantages

I. Investing in the national economy 2. Two-way individuals 3. Margin individuals and light investment costs 4. Large trading volume 5. T + 0 individuals 6. Being able to grasp the extent of losses (set stop loss)
7. 24 hours personal hype


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