What Is an Electronic Wallet?

E-wallet is a commonly used payment tool in e-commerce shopping activities. Electronic money stored in electronic wallets, such as electronic cash, electronic change, and electronic credit cards.

electronic wallet

E-wallet is a commonly used payment tool in e-commerce shopping activities. Electronic money stored in electronic wallets, such as electronic cash, electronic change, and electronic credit cards.
Use Wallet for shopping. Usually need to be done in the electronic wallet service system. Software for e-wallets in e-commerce activities is usually provided for free. There are two major online electronic wallet service systems in the world: VISA Cash and Mondex.
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electronic wallet
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Electronic wallet
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Wallet is secure
(1) The system will open an e-wallet file belonging to individuals on the e-wallet server, and consumers can add, modify, and delete personal data in this file.
(2) Online payment
Security: The personal data of the e-wallet user is stored on the server side, which is ensured through technical means, and no personal data is stored on the personal computer, thereby avoiding the risk of data leakage.
Own: After successfully applying for a wallet, consumers have their own files on the server. When traveling or business, they do nt need to carry their e-wallet information to carry out online payments.
Convenient: There are many merchant site links in the e-wallet, and consumers can directly go to the merchant site for shopping through the links.
Fast: It takes 10-20 seconds to complete the normal processing of a payment instruction through electronic wallet (depending on the network and communication conditions).
The standard not only specifies files, commands, and states, it also describes and explains related processes, which are specified in detail using their data elements, using a language similar to BASIC. This is because the security of some procedures depends heavily on the processing sequence of internal commands. For example, when transacting, the relevant record file must always be updated before the response is sent to the terminal. For all components, the processes and transactions are also strictly regulated. provided
Customers can enter IBM through a password-protected signature window
The community financial services platform (Sm @ rtCommunity) is a new extension of the "e-wallet" concept. The community financial service platform allows people to serve as the entry point, virtualizes the real community, strengthens the neighborhood relationship through circles, improves the efficiency and means of property management through the application of technology, helps merchants conduct business activities through word of mouth and precision marketing, and gathers user groups and large Online community banks where data supports financial services. The community financial service platform has a strong community attribute, which means real-name authentication is completed without affecting the user experience, and it provides neighborhood mutual assistance and convenience services based on the characteristics of the community. The services provided by the community financial service platform cover all aspects of residents' lives. Community residents only need to use the platform to complete all consumption activities in the community, such as properties and surrounding communities, such as convenience stores and restaurants, and eliminate the need for change in cash consumption. Worries, while avoiding the hidden dangers of credit card consumption. The community financial service platform not only fully realizes the technical meaning of "e-wallet", but also in the era of the integration of the Internet and finance, it will give "e-wallet" a new business meaning and change the "e-wallet" from a single payment tool to To provide community residents with convenient, fast and affordable community business and property services, and apply financial scenarios to community life, so as to carry out Internet financial business and real-life carriers that generate value-added services.


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