What Is an Escrow Service?

Server hosting refers to hosting your server and related equipment to improve the access speed of the website to network data with complete equipment room facilities, high-quality network environment, rich bandwidth resources and operating experience, and real-time monitoring of users' networks and equipment In the center, the system can achieve the purpose of safe, reliable, stable and efficient operation. The hosted server is maintained by the customer itself or remotely by another authorized person. That is, the server equipment purchased by the user is placed in the IDC room of the local telecommunications, China Netcom or other ISP operators.

Server hosting

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Generally speaking,
Building professional
1. Offline server management: Managed servers can provide the greatest value through cost efficiency. By maintaining offline servers for websites, business users can focus their energy on their corporate strategy, leaving the management of the server to trained professionals.
2. Software upgrades and patches: Hosting servers usually include automatic patches and upgrades of critical software. If you are using an unmanaged server, you have to do the work yourself.
3. Resource monitoring: Most hosting network providers use resource monitoring as part of their services. This will help ensure that you are aware of any issues that occur as quickly as possible, and you can upgrade your hardware if needed.
4. Port monitoring: Most hosting hosts can also monitor the port during system working hours. So if your website or email goes down in the middle of the night, your web hosting provider, not your staff, can answer repair calls to resolve these issues. [1]
Why are the prices of many IDC service providers very low?
Some companies or individuals proxy the servers of some service providers, and then make a website by themselves, buy and sell the server on the website, without customer service, technology, and cost of company operations, completely sacrificing speed and service. Therefore, the price is very low. When choosing a service provider, you must pay attention to the cost-effectiveness of the product, and then whether the company has a formal Internet access qualification. How can you dare to use it if the price of the product is lower than the cost? Choose a regular and guaranteed service. Businesses also have a high level of security for projects operating on later servers.
How to choose a more secure service provider to rent a server
There are thousands of IDC service providers across the country, and there are many fake IDC service providers in the muddy waters. How to choose a regular IDC service provider to avoid unnecessary loss of your property? Here are some very practical methods for you: 1. Let the service provider provide an ISP certificate, which is a license for Internet access services, information services, and value-added services. With this certificate, IDC service providers can carry out the corresponding Internet value-added service business. In other words, with this certificate, this service provider has access qualification. The monitoring of the Internet in our country is relatively strict, so there are not many IDC service providers who actually have an ISP certificate. 2. Whether to provide free testing. Only after passing the test can the customer know whether the service provider's network is stable and whether the speed meets the requirements. Whether to provide free testing can also reflect many problems from the side. If an IDC service provider cannot even test, then it is likely that it is only an agent of other IDC service providers and does not have real computer room resources. Ps: It should be noted that the server lease used for testing is the same as the server lease that you intend to purchase, so as not to be adjusted. 3. Whether it is possible to provide 24-hour service. Whether it is possible to provide 24-hour service is also a very important factor. If you cannot provide 24-hour service, it means that your server is rented at night and left in an unmanageable state. No one is in any situation deal with. The general problem is okay. Once a data problem occurs, your website will be over. 4. Whether to sign a lease contract. Many people save this step because they find it difficult to sign a contract. Regular IDC service providers generally sign contracts with customers, which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. With the contract in hand, once a dispute occurs, this is also a powerful weapon for customers to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
1. Free 1 IP address and standard
The spring breeze of the Internet is blowing in China. Chinese IDC companies are springing up. Various IDCs use various suitable financial systems to manage their server business.
1. Why not put the server in your office?
To store the server in your own room, you must establish a large-scale and long-term investment in air-conditioning environment, standard facilities (such as a 24-hour computer room air-conditioning system, uninterruptible power supply system, etc.) and management server and network business. The server management service is especially suitable for the following situations: unwillingness to purchase additional hardware (such as a router) to increase the connection speed of the server; the server is limited by the bandwidth and cannot increase the network connection speed.
Server hosting service is the most cost-effective online solution, reaching the highest level in terms of performance, security and reliability
2. What is the difference between server hosting and renting?
The main difference between server rental and hosting is who provides the server hardware. Hire is provided by the service provider, and hosting is provided by the customer.
3 What is the difference between server hosting and web hosting
Server hosting business can be subdivided into server hosting and virtual hosting (Virtual Hosting). "Server hosting" is to place a server or rent a server from a company with a network environment that is physically connected to the Internet. Customers can configure the server as a WWW, E-mail, Ftp server through remote control. "Virtual hosting" refers to: the hard disk of a UNIX or NT system is divided into small pieces, and each hard disk space after subdivision can be configured as www, email, FTP server with independent domain name and IP address. Such a server, when viewed by people, cannot see that it is sharing a host system resource with others. The user who rents space on this machine can use remote control technology, such as file transfer (FTP), to fully control the part of the space that belongs to him, such as downloading information, configuring application functions, and so on. It should be said that the "virtual hosting" method has an independent site, and its performance-price ratio is much higher than building and maintaining a server by itself. This way of establishing a site is increasingly being used by enterprises and institutions. use.
4 What factors should be considered when choosing a hosting provider?
1) Bandwidth: There is no unlimited bandwidth, you should estimate your own needs, how much traffic you need each month, and then see if the bandwidth provided by the hosting provider is suitable, and whether the bandwidth is shared or dedicated.
2) Server footprint: Even with the same bandwidth, a 2U server will cost more than a 1U server because it takes up more space.
3) Network connection: What kind of connection does the hosting provider use to connect to the Internet? How many users are these connections shared by?
5. What are the requirements for the size of the server?
Space in a data center is usually priced by size, so the size of the server itself will affect the price of hosting. Usually the host is a 1U server or a 2U server, and the price will be different. The smaller the thickness of the hosted server, the lower the cost.
6. How fast the server is accessed
1) Server hardware configuration (including server type, CPU, hard disk speed, memory size, network card speed, etc.)
2) The environment and speed of the network where the server is located
3) The rate at which the network environment of the server is connected to the Internet backbone network
4) ChinaNet's international export rate
5) The dedicated line rate between the visitor's ISP (Internet access service provider) and ChinaNet
6) The access rate of the port opened by the visitor's ISP (Internet access service provider) to the client
Visitor computer configuration, modem speed, telephone line quality, etc.
7. How long can I use the server after payment?
Under normal circumstances, the server can be listed within 1-2 business days after payment. After listing, our computer room technology will add your server IP and username and password in your management background.
8. What about the copyright of the installation software?
We only provide software installation services, and software copyrights are resolved by customers themselves.
9. What aspects of system hosting do?
System hosting is a value-added service we provide to customers, which is mainly based on system-level maintenance work, which generally includes system upgrade services, system security settings, system patches, and other consulting services. Except for data backup and anti-ddos attack.
10 Do customers need to go to the computer room for maintenance often?
No need. Under the premise of ensuring that the server can log in remotely, customers can generally remotely manage the server. In case the server can't log in remotely, you can contact our on-site idc technical customer service for processing. Common remote management software is the remote terminal server that comes with windows.
11. Can I uninstall the software for me?
We provide software-related services, but require customer authorization to uninstall, and provide a username and password, which can be completed within 24 hours;
12. How to deal with server hardware damage (bad memory, bad sectors on hard disk, burned power, bad data cable, damaged motherboard, etc.)? We provide hardware replacement service, but the hardware must be provided by the customer. If we need to purchase from our company, we will charge the hardware purchase service fee, and also charge a 100 yuan service fee to replace the hardware, and the payment will be completed within 24 hours.
13. The difference between exclusive and shared 100M ports?
Shared 100M port refers to cabinet sharing, that is, the server of the entire cabinet shares one traffic port, and its traffic is affected by other servers. If you are a high-traffic customer, it is recommended to use the exclusive port service (exclusive fee is extra).
14. What are the standards for data center infrastructure?
1) Machine room: Seismic strength of level 8 or above, floor height of 4 meters or more, bearing capacity of at least 800 kg per square meter.
2) Electricity: Two-way mains power, high-power UPS, diesel generator set guarantees 99.5% power guarantee.
3) Air temperature and humidity: The temperature in the equipment room should be 20 degrees Celsius and allowed to float up and down 2 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should be maintained at 50% and allowed to float up and down 5%.
4) Cabinet standard: Telecom standard cabinets should be 19-inch wide network cabling: network cables and power lines should be deployed separately to prevent crosstalk of current to the network cables.
15. How many network connection test commands and methods?
1) Ping is a very useful tool for testing network connection status and packet sending and receiving status. It is the most commonly used command for network testing. Ping sends a return request data packet to the target host (address), asking the target host to reply after receiving the request, so as to determine the response time of the network and whether the machine is connected to the target host (address).
2) The Tracert command is used to display the path taken by the data packet to reach the target host and the time to reach each node. The command function is similar to Ping, but the information it receives is much more detailed than the Ping command. It displays all the paths the data packets take, the node's IP, and the time it takes. This command is more suitable for large networks.
3) The Netstat command can help network administrators understand the overall usage of the network. It can display detailed information about the currently active network connections, such as displaying network connections, routing tables, and network interface information, and can count which total network connections are currently running.
1. Select the shape and test the network speed of the computer room according to your needs;
2. Choose the computer room that suits you according to your customer visits;
3. Express the server to the company office and pay;
4. The engineer will deliver the machine to the customer within 24 hours;
First, information is incomplete. Incomplete signal reception or unstable signal transmission may cause information incompleteness.
Second, information is blocked. Broadband limit, or maximum limit for service request response.
Third, the computer room environment. The equipment room environment configuration, such as ventilation conditions, fire conditions, air conditioning, etc., these external factors may also affect the stability of the server.
Fourth, hacking. Hackers are becoming more and more popular, and servers should be equipped with high-performance firewalls and necessary anti-virus software.
Fifth, hardware failure. For example, hard disk failure, network card failure, etc. So there must be a backup.
Sixth, mistakes in safety management. Such as fire, hardware damage caused by human factors.
Seventh, the force majeure factor. Such as war, earthquake, flood, etc.
Analysis of server hosting considerations
First point: First of all, you can carefully browse the other party's website to see the stability and speed of the website. If the server vendor's own websites are slow to access, his technical strength is very questionable.
Second point: Secondly, you can carefully check the company's related operating licenses and registered capital, etc. You can see the strength of this server vendor through this item, because the registered capital for applying for a telecommunications value-added service operating license requires 1 million. Therefore, it can be directly ignored for those companies without a certificate.
Third point: once again, the size of this server vendor can be estimated by observing the number of customer personnel and working hours. Because the server vendor on the right track has a large customer base, the number of customer service personnel and the duty time should be There is a clear difference from small companies and individuals, otherwise their services cannot be guaranteed. [3]
First, the size of server hosting, what kind of server hosting to the computer room is most suitable. In the computer room, the hosting is charged according to the space fee, so when hosting, it is best to choose 1U server hosting. For those 2U or 4U machines, the charging in the computer room will be higher.
Second, the hosting service includes those aspects: What we usually refer to as the hosting fee is the seat fee + bandwidth fee + electricity fee + daily maintenance fee. Some customers blindly think that just putting the server in the computer room will cost thousands of dollars. I do nt understand. In fact, if you calculate it yourself, you will know how much these costs need to be counted together.
Third, the environment of the computer room affects the operation of the server, so we must pay attention to the environment of the computer room. A clean and tidy computer room environment illustrates the company's management details. A simple little question can tell if the company is worth your time to host a server.
4. Pay attention to the exit bandwidth and remaining bandwidth of the computer room. This is very useful for attacks. Whether you can withstand large attacks depends on the remaining bandwidth. Choosing the right bandwidth will also save you money.


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