What Is an Offshore Banking Unit?

Offshore banking is a financial activity that serves non-residents, and banks absorb non-resident funds. The bank's service targets are natural persons (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions), legal persons (including overseas Chinese investment enterprises registered overseas), international organizations of government agencies, and other economic organizations, including overseas branches of Chinese-funded financial institutions.

Offshore banking

The currency of offshore banking is limited to
Free transfer of funds:
Forex Deposit
Forex loans
Interbank foreign exchange borrowing
International settlement
Issue large transferable certificates of deposit
Foreign Exchange Guarantee
Consulting and witnessing business
Other businesses approved by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange
Types of offshore accounts
HKD savings account
Foreign currency savings account
HKD current account number (checking account number)
USD checking account
HKD wealth management account
Foreign currency wealth management account
Internet account
Import and Export Letter of Credit (LC)


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