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Integral is a core concept in calculus and mathematical analysis. Usually divided into fixed integral and indefinite integral . Intuitively speaking, for a given positive real-valued function, a definite integral over a real number interval can be understood as the area value of a curved trapezoid formed by a curve, a straight line, and an axis on the coordinate plane (a certain Real value ).

The motivation for the development of points comes from the needs in practical applications. In actual operation, it is sometimes possible to estimate some unknowns in a rough way, but with the development of science and technology, many times need to know the precise value. For areas or volumes that require simple geometry, a known formula can be applied. For example, the volume of a rectangular parallelepiped swimming pool can be obtained by length × width × height. But if the pool is oval, parabolic, or more irregular, you need to use integrals to find the volume. In physics, it is often necessary to know a physical quantity (such as
If the integral of a function exists and is finite, then the function is said to be integrable . Generally, there is not necessarily one integrand
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