How Do I Limit Exposure to Chickenpox?

Varicella vaccine is prepared from the varicella virus strain and is the only means to prevent varicella infection. Chickenpox vaccine can not only prevent chickenpox, but also prevent complications caused by chickenpox shingles.

Chickenpox Vaccine

Chickenpox vaccine
Varicella is a highly contagious acute infectious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The clinical symptoms are fever, with spotted pimples, papules, vesicles, and rashes in batches. It can cause death in severe cases. Chickenpox vaccine is the safest and most effective way to prevent chickenpox. [1]
In 1974, Japanese Takahashi isolated VZV from human embryo lung cells in the blister of a boy with natural chicken pox and cultured human embryo lung cells, guinea pig embryo cells, and human diploid cells (WI-38). Attenuated by continuous breeding. The virus has undergone further passage through human diploid cell culture (MCR-5) to establish a vaccine virus strain (Oka strain), which is a widely used vaccine virus in the world today.
The virus titer of the imported vaccine was maintained at 10,000 pfu, and the domestic virus titer was 2000 pfu. The imported vaccine was launched in Europe in 1984 and has been used in more than 100 countries in the world. It has a large number of academic papers and clinical follow-up data. It has more than 22 years of experience in safe and effective use. It entered China in 1998 and is China's chickenpox disease The prevention of the disease has made a great contribution, and the price at that time was 282 yuan. At present, the quality of domestic varicella vaccine is better than imported vaccine.
Adults and adolescents without a history of chickenpox should be vaccinated. The susceptible population is mainly healthy children between 12 months and 12 years of age.
Special populations should focus on vaccination:
1. People who work or live in a highly likely to spread environment, such as kindergarten teachers, elementary school teachers,
It is recommended for children aged 2 years to start vaccination. Children 1 to 12 years old receive one dose (0.5 ml); children 13 years and older, two young people and adults receive 2 doses at intervals of 6-10 weeks. Children and adults are injected subcutaneously in the upper arm and must not be injected intravenously. The vaccine should be reconstituted with the provided dilution and should be completely dissolved. Vaccination should be performed after the disinfectant has completely evaporated. For healthy people, the attenuated chickenpox vaccine can be given at the same time as other live attenuated or inactivated vaccines;
Varicella vaccine consists of the live chickenpox-zoster attenuated live virus Oka strain. Varicella virus vaccine lyophilized and reconstituted, 0.5 ml vaccine contains more than 1350 Oka Varicella-Zoster virus
This vaccine uses the internationally accepted attenuated strain of chickenpox virus OKa.
The vaccine can stimulate the body to produce immunity against chickenpox virus, and is used for preventing chickenpox. Varicella-zoster virus is highly contagious. Humans are the only host and can be easily transmitted. There is no effective drug treatment. Vaccination is the only effective way to prevent the disease, especially in controlling the outbreak of chickenpox. The epidemic played a very important role.
After vaccination, there is generally no response. A few people can have a transient fever or mild rash within 6-18 days of vaccination. Generally, they will subside without treatment and can be treated symptomatically if necessary.
Severe reaction / anaphylactic shock is taken by a doctor. Initial treatment: subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of 1/100 adrenaline (dose determined by the attending physician), bronchodilators should be given when bronchospasm, and aminophylline, corticosteroids, plasma substitutes can be given intravenously if necessary in case of shock .
(1) Do not use the ampoule if it is cracked, if the bottle is not clear, or if there are foreign objects in the bottle after dissolution.
(2) Do not allow the disinfectant to come into contact with the vaccine when the vaccine bottle is opened and vaccinated; it should be used up within 30 minutes of opening.
(3) Those who have been injected with immunoglobulin should be vaccinated one month later.
(4) Women of childbearing age should have contraception for at least 3 months after vaccination.
Generally, the price of imported chickenpox vaccine is 320 yuan to 350 yuan, and the domestic price is 160 yuan to 208 yuan.
Chickenpox vaccine has better immune persistence. Survey in the United States shows that 93% of children after 5 years of immunization
It has a low overall reactogenicity in all age groups, with occasional hypothermia and mild rash after injection, but the adverse reactions are usually mild and disappear on their own.
Contraindications Vaccination should be postponed in patients with acute severe febrile disease. Those who are allergic to neomycin, those with a white blood cell count of less than 1200 / m3, and pregnant women should not be vaccinated.
The vaccine should be stored at 2-8 ° C. The validity period is 2 years at 2 8 . There was no significant loss of potency when stored at 21 ° C for 1 week and at 37 ° C for 4 days.
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The chickenpox vaccine has not been shown to be suitable for people living with HIV (Gershon et al., 1999), but research is ongoing to determine safety and possible indications (AAP, 1997).


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