What Are Accessory Breasts?

Breast examination is a routine examination to check whether the breast has changed. The best time is usually about 7 to 10 days after the end of menstruation, because at this time the effect of estrogen on the breast is minimal, the breast is relatively still, and breast lesions or abnormalities are easily found. Postmenopausal women are free to choose when to check their breasts.

Breast examination

Breast examination is examination
The breast is an ectodermal organ that originates from the skin and belongs to the superficial structure of the chest wall. Girls begin to develop breasts from 12 to 13 years of age, and mature to 15 to 17 years of age. Despite differences in species and ethnic groups, the mammary gland is roughly composed of 15-20 glandular leaves. Breast dysplasia is essentially a lack of tissue, so it is advisable to increase breast contents, enlarge the volume, and improve the appearance during treatment, so that women can show their unique curvilinear beauty and charm.
Examination before the mirror: Before the mirror, hang your hands down to see if the breast looks normal? Are there any depressions in the nipples, skin shrinkage, swelling, etc.? Is there any secretion from the nipple? Then check the armpits for lymphadenopathy? Finally, raise your hands over your head and do it again and again.
Lying down for examination: lying on the back, breasts can put a small head or folded towel on
Molybdenum target X-ray is a more advanced breast examination method.
Introduction to breast ultrasound :
Breast ultrasound has poor sensitivity to early-to-reach breast cancer. Color ultrasound can significantly increase sensitivity
1. Both hands will hang down naturally as you look at the mirror. Carefully observe whether the sides of the breast are symmetrical in size, whether there are abnormal protrusions, depressions or bulges in the epidermis, scaling, redness, and wrinkles, and then pay attention to whether the nipples have secretions, deformation or erosion, depression .
Second, look at holding with both hands and put it behind your head, press your hand forward slightly, pay attention to observe whether the breast shape and contour in the mirror have the above abnormal situation. Then put your hands on the waist, lean your upper body forward, and press your shoulders and elbows forward slightly, and observe if there is any abnormality in the breast in the mirror.
3. Raise your arm, touch your right hand and put your fingers close together, carefully check the left breast, press the breast gently with your fingertips, and feel if there are any lumps. Start from the nipple to do a ring clockwise check, and gradually outward (about 3-4 Circle) until all breasts have been examined. In addition, pay special attention to the upper quarter of the breast and the armpits, and feel if there are unusual subcutaneous masses. At the same time, squeeze the nipples gently, paying attention to the secretions. After checking the left breast, check the right breast.
4. Lie on your back, place a small pillow or bath towel behind your left shoulder. Due to the shoulder height, the breast's center of gravity will move to the inside, making the breast flat and easy to check. Put your right fingers together and look at your breasts as
There are many ways to diagnose breast cancer, including physical examination, mammograms, B-ultrasound, breast catheter endoscopy, etc., but the final diagnosis still depends on pathological diagnosis. Biopsy (referred to as biopsy) is obtained before surgery
Women are linked to breast surgery. If not, they are linked to general surgery. The pain of men due to breast diseases, in addition to breast surgery, may also be too obese, or related to breast development, should be linked to the endocrinology department, check the hormone levels in the body. [6]


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