What Are Anger Triggers?

A serial novel written by an author named "Yan Guo Shao Ye", an alien superpower series, tells a series of things that happened after the protagonist Luo Shilin got a task trigger because he liked the girl Wang Shasha.

Task trigger

Net name: Yan Guo Shao Ye
"Would you like to help Little Loli and solve her physical confusion ..."
"Will you accept helping the old village chief Ron and send a letter to Widow Zhang ..."
"Will you help Widow Zhang and defeat the hooligan who teases her ..."
"Would you like to help Widow Zhang and look at the wound on her butt ..."
"Would you like to help Widow Zhang and repair her damaged bed ..."
"Would you like to test her bed with Widow Zhang?"
Have you ever thought about playing YY, can you take on this YY task?
If one day, you can also receive various tasks to do in your life, and you will be rewarded with corresponding experience and props after completion. Of course, you can also upgrade, ...
what? You say impossible?
For "task triggers", there is nothing impossible, only tasks you can't think of, and tasks that can't be triggered without it. [1]
In the first volume, our senior year
Chapter One Rainy Night Encounter
Chapter II Tasks, Mom's Expectations
Chapter III Zhao Yang's Love Letter
Chapter 4 Ask me questions
Chapter V Unsettled Road
Chapter 6 Different Color Tasks
Chapter Seven
Chapter VIII Confusion of Restaurant Owners
Chapter IX Negotiation
Chapter 10 Wang Sasha's Wish
Chapter Eleven Struggling
Chapter twelve sneak shots
Chapter 13 I am Luo Shilin
Chapter Fourteen All Down
Chapter 15 has been upgraded
Chapter 16: Luo Shilin's Doubts
Chapter 17Mother Zhang's Discovery
Chapter 18 Interview with Reporter Liu
Chapter 19 Can You Be My Girlfriend
Chapter 20: Young Heroes Are Famous
Chapter 21 You Ask Me Questions
Chapter 22 You Be My Boyfriend
Chapter 23 Comforting the Sad Zhang Mengke
Chapter 24 The Weasel Gives the Chicken New Year?
Chapter 25 Mission Failure
Chapter 26 Increases the correct rate by 20%
Chapter 27 Zhang Yu's Party
Chapter 28Justified Jason
Chapter 29. Item Rewards
Chapter Thirty Pulling Your Little Hand, Kiss Your Mouth
Chapter 31 Mission Completion
Chapter 32 Remnant pages of the college entrance examination
Chapter 33 I'm Just Sad
Chapter 34 Are you rejecting me
Chapter 35 Invitation by General Zhang
Chapter 36News from Dad
Chapter 37 Zhang Guizhong's Unspeakable Hidden
Chapter 38 The Escaped Liu Zhiqiang
Chapter 39Zhang Guizhong's Teaching
Chapter 40 Outside Three Colleges, Beside Xihe
Chapter 41 I Want To Pick Three!
Chapter 42: Don't Ask Me If You Kill?
Chapter 43 Full State
Chapter 44 Platform Ring
Chapter 45The God of Fortune
Chapter 46. Hitting the Noble
Chapter 47A Quiet Life
Chapter 48 A Little Spiritual Power
Chapter 49 Renamed Chaos
Chapter 50 Look, Still Don't Look
Chapter 51 Studying Through The Night
Chapter 52: Daydream of Zhao Yang
Chapter 53: Pre-exam Syndrome?
Chapter 54: Whoever Believes Who Is Foolish
Chapter 55Poor Parents
Chapter 56 "Being Dangerous" by Zhang Jiang
Chapter 57 Entrusted
Chapter 58 I Will Wait For You!
Chapter 59 Lili
The second volume of mountain rain is coming
Chapter 1: Depressed Champion Yuan
Chapter 2 Benefits of Being No. 1
Chapter III Lead Fee
Chapter 4 Drunk
Chapter V Driver's License
Chapter VI The Disobedient Youth
Chapter Seven Lady
Chapter 8. Mission rewards double
Chapter IX The Mountain Rain Is Coming to the Wind
Chapter Ten Three-Day Covenant
Chapter 11: Mother Luo's Happiness
Chapter 12 Novice Suit
Chapter XIII Birthday Oath
Chapter Fourteen Dinglong KTV
Chapter 15: Helpless Xiaoyou
Chapter Sixteen Full Fight
Chapter 17 Li Dinglong
Chapter 18 After the deceased
Chapter 19The Strange Banquet
Chapter 20 Huaguang Management College
Chapter 21 Training Tasks
Chapter 22 Perverted Master
Chapter Twenty-Three, Comprehend Skills!
Chapter 24 Spiritual Power = Internal Strength?
Chapter 25 Insignificant Li Quansheng
Chapter 26. A person with an identity?
Chapter 27: Something went wrong!
Chapter 28 I'm Going too!
Chapter 29. Zhang Jiang's Hatred
Chapter Thirty I'm Here To Smash Them!
Chapter 31: Clash
Chapter thirty-two you go first!
Chapter 33: The Black Man
Chapter 34 Item Storage
Chapter 35: Meeting Zhang Qiankun Again
Chapter 36Fate is in Your Hands
Chapter 37 Running Furious
Chapter 38 Challenge
Chapter 39 The Bamboo Basket Was Empty
Chapter 40. Growth?
Chapter 41. The Angry Li Dinglong
Chapter 42 My name is Zhang Junru!
Chapter 43Before the Storm
Chapter 44 Nightmare
Chapter 45The Caution of Everyone
Chapter 46
Chapter 47. Zhang Junru's Sixth Sense
Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50 He's going to have an accident!
Chapter 51 A Half
Chapter 52 It says on your head!
Chapter 53 What do you all know?
Chapter 54: Gao Chunyu's Teaching
Chapter 55 Skills, Theft!
Chapter 56: Yuzhou, Here I Come!
The third wind from Yuzhou
Chapter One Uncle Li Is Angry
Chapter 2 Lesson 1
Chapter Three: Sister Xue, Fan Wenjing
Chapter 4: Impersonated Boyfriend
Chapter Five
Chapter 6 See Li Quansheng Again
Chapter VII Room B
Chapter Eight: Li Dinglong has an accident!
Chapter IX The Guy Riding a Donkey
Chapter 10 Veterinary College, Dean Huangfu
Chapter 11: Guo Shixiong's Reputation
Chapter twelve South Korean angry youth
Chapter 13
Chapter 14: Zhen Meili's Rage
Chapter 15 Zhen Meili's Letter
Chapter XVI Fox Tail
Chapter 17 Snacks by Zhang Junru
Chapter 18 Your Secret Is On The Ring!
Chapter XIX This is a Word!
Chapter 20: Zhang Junru's Thoughts
Chapter Twenty-One You Want to Kill!
Chapter 22 is wrong!
Chapter Twenty-Three Quiet and Extremely Angry
Chapter 24. Minions, can't stand the file [2]


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