What Is a General Medicine Clinic?

Outpatients usually accept patients with mild symptoms. After a set of diagnostic methods and auxiliary examinations are performed by the outpatient doctor, a preliminary diagnosis is obtained for the patient. The outpatient doctor can treat the patient and treat the patient. If the outpatient doctor has any questions about the patient's condition Or it is diagnosed that the condition is more serious and urgent, then the patient is admitted to the inpatient ward for further examination or medical measures such as surgery or related treatment in the hospital.

[mén zhn]
Outpatient clinics usually treat patients with less severe symptoms.
1. Doctors diagnose and treat patients in hospitals or clinics, give preliminary diagnosis and medication for non-hospitalization, or accept inpatient treatment. [1]
It can be divided into three types: general outpatient, health outpatient, and emergency outpatient according to the medical condition of the outpatients, the urgency to be treated, and the health status.

General Outpatient

Patients who come to the clinic consciously or because they have physical or mental abnormalities are allowed to be examined and treated according to the doctor's arrangement during outpatient hours.

Outpatient health clinic

Patients are consciously healthy, and undergo preventive examinations, health consultations, disease screenings, premarital examinations, vaccinations, perinatal health care, cancer screenings, and infant health clinics.

Outpatient emergency clinic

The objects of emergency outpatients are all patients who are in urgent condition, in crisis, who need timely diagnosis or prompt rescue, and must fight against every second. The emergency department should be open 24 hours a day and night.


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