What Is a Neck Strain?

Sprained neck, usually called falling pillow. Due to the cold invasion of the back of the item, blood stagnation and qi stagnation, and meridian discomfort; or improper neck position when sleeping; or severe head twist caused by pain on one side of the neck, called neck sprain. In daily life, people sometimes wake up and feel neck pain and discomfort, their heads deflect to the side of pain, and they cannot move at will. This is a common type of soft tissue injury that occurs in the pillow. It is clinically called a neck sprain. The neck, like the joints and waist, is the area that is prone to sprains.

Sprained neck

Sprained neck, commonly called
The cause of a sprain is often due to an improper neck position or a cold attack. For example, sudden lifting of heavy objects, improper head position when doing rolling group movements, excessive pillows during sleep, excessive tilting of the head and neck when sleeping, or bare shoulders and necks, sitting in a window facing the wind and squinting outside the car while riding, Riding a convertible car in the middle of a long cool breeze is the most common cause of neck sprains.
After a sprained neck, I felt a pain in the neck and could not move my head freely. Severe local swelling, obvious pain and tenderness, may be accompanied by dizziness, mental illness,
Differential diagnosis of neck sprain:
1.Head and neck
Treatment is not as good as prevention. Preventing pillow fall is not difficult. The key is to adhere to the following three aspects:
First, prepare a good pillow. According to the anatomy and physiology of the human neck, a suitable pillow should not be too high or too low. According to the introduction of "Pillow Net" and "Pillow", the first thing to prevent falling pillows is to have a good pillow shape. For example, the pillow should have a concave middle part to prevent it from slipping easily and support the neck. For a reasonable pillow height, it should be 8-10 cm for women and 10-15 cm for men. Pillows should not be too wide or too light. The width should preferably be equal to the distance from the shoulder to the ear. The degree of softness is easy to deform. When making pillows, you can also add fine Chinese medicine, such as summer grass, astragalus, angelica, licorice, etc. to promote neck blood circulation.
Second, do a good job in preventing cold and keeping warm. When you sleep, you need to cover not only your entire body, but also your neck, and pull the quilt upward. When the weather is hot, do not blow the neck against the electric fan for a long time. Do not sleep in a place where there is a cross-wind, so as to prevent the neck from getting cold and causing neck muscle spasm to induce pillow fall. For those who work sedentary desks, don't forget the neck health. They should often get up and lift their necks to prevent chronic strain on the neck muscles.
Third, supplement calcium and vitamins. Calcium is the main component of human bones, and vitamins are essential for sustaining life. Enough calcium and vitamins. It can also promote blood circulation throughout the body, which is conducive to the discharge of metabolic wastes in the body. Usually, you should eat more bone soup, milk and soy products, and fresh vegetables. If necessary, you can also take calcium tablets and vitamins B and C appropriately.


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