What Is a Valgus Deformity?

The elbow carrying angle greater than 20 ° is called elbow eversion. Elbow valgus deformity after elbow trauma is less common than elbow varus. Most patients come to the clinic for secondary elbow ulnar neuritis. The cause is mostly poor treatment after elbow bone and joint injury.

Basic Information

Visiting department
Common locations
Common causes
Trauma, non-injury-induced congenital malformations
Common symptoms
Elbow deformity, elbow valgus angle increases when elbow joint is straightened

Causes of elbow valgus deformity

The cause is mostly caused by poor treatment of the elbow bone and joint. The elbow carrying angle greater than 20 ° is called elbow eversion.

Clinical manifestation of elbow valgus deformity

When the normal elbow joint is fully straightened, there is a slight valgus, which is 10 ° for men and 15 ° for women. This valgus angle is called the carrying angle. If this angle increases, the forearm is too abducted, which is called elbow valgus deformity. The most common cause of elbow valgus deformity is the supracondylar fracture of the humerus and the fracture of the distal humerus in children who have not been reset or poorly reset. Necrosis and dislocation of the elbow joint without reset or poor reset can cause elbow valgus.

Elbow valgus deformity examination

X-ray examination can confirm the diagnosis.

Diagnosis of elbow valgus deformity

Trauma history, poor treatment effect, resulting in increased carry angle. X-ray examination, showing the angle of carrying object, and measuring the angle can confirm the diagnosis.

Elbow valgus deformity treatment

Patients with elbow eversion who do not have elbow joint dysfunction and pain symptoms generally do not need treatment, but should be observed and followed up, and further treatment measures should be taken as appropriate.
Conservative treatment
For early elbow osteoarthritis and mild clinical symptoms, elbow dysfunction is not obvious at this time. Physical therapy, massage and other physical treatments or aspirin drugs can be used.
2. Surgical treatment
(1) Indications for surgery Severe elbow valgus deformity, and the deformity is stable for more than 1 year. The symptoms of joint pain and weakness are obvious and affect the function of elbow joint. People with traumatic arthritis or delayed ulnar neuritis should be treated as soon as possible if they have caused dysfunction and affect working life.
(2) Although there are many surgical methods , clinically, the humeral supracondylar osteotomy and ulnar nerve advancement are currently the most commonly used.


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