What Is an Aberrometer?

The wavefront aberration instrument can be used as an early diagnosis of ophthalmology in ophthalmology clinics, and it will become a new routine inspection instrument in ophthalmology clinics.

Wavefront aberrometer

The wavefront aberration diagram can be directly used to guide the laser to perform personalized surgery on the patient's eyes to achieve the ideal correction of human eye optical system defects; the wavefront aberration measurement can be used for refractive (myopia) surgery,
Some people's vision does not reach the desired effect after optometry and optics. This is due to the traditional
The wavefront aberration instrument can be used to study the monochromatic aberration effect of human eye spatial vision, study the effect of eye focus on aberration, study the effect of changes in refractive power on aberration, study the cornea and
At first, wavefront aberration technology was originally an astronomical technology, mainly used to correct the aberration problem of the space telescope, so that more distant planets can be observed more clearly. When wavefront aberration technology is applied
There are three advantages to using wavefront aberrations:
First, it can correct existing aberrations;
The second is to avoid the new aberrations that traditional LASIK surgery may cause;
Third, through the first two points, it can effectively improve the visual quality and avoid the postoperative vision loss caused by aberrations.
In addition, if there are significant high-order aberrations, surgery needs to be performed in conjunction with wavefront aberration examination data to avoid that satisfactory visual quality cannot be obtained after surgery, or new myopia occurs due to the presence of high-order aberrations; if not, There are obvious high-order aberrations, so it is not necessary to undergo traditional LASIK surgery.


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