What Is Emotional Health?

The World Health Organization pointed out: "Health is not only free from illness and weakness, but also a complete state of physical, mental and social aspects." To this end, everyone must have healthy emotions in order to be healthy. Good healthy emotions are reflected in daily life and work, such as "people are happy when they are happy," "smile with a smile, less than ten years", etc. This is affirmation of good emotional function. "Perfunctory" living emotions, such living emotions are harmful, so it is said that people should learn the liver "self-passionate", which is closely related to human health. Therefore, some people have suggested that you are expensive in Qile, that is:

Healthy mood

I believe in being happy, having fun while moving, having fun in peace, loving more, being content, being happy, and being healthy. These seven things are good for health.
And bad emotions of joy, anger, worry, thought, sorrow, surprise, and fear are harmful to health. Such as overjoyed mood will be sad, because sudden laughter of overjoyment will cause the heart patient to cause the heart to stop and die; Jiu Si mood will hurt the spleen, because Jiu Si will block the blood and blood, make the diet difficult, chest tightness, Expenses are full; anger can hurt the liver, because the sympathetic nerves are excited when they are angry, which increases blood pressure, while the parasympathetic nerves are suppressed, which affects digestive function, dizziness, headache or chest tightness, rib pain, etc .; It can hurt the lungs, because sorrow makes people lack of energy, depression, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and fatigue; panic and fear can hurt the kidneys, and panic is caused by panic.
The heart and kidneys are not handed over, resulting in incontinence or emptiness of heart and panic. Therefore, a healthy body is closely related to a healthy mood.
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A healthy and harmonious atmosphere can promote the development of good emotions for middle school students, family harmony, teacher harmony, classmate cooperation, and social harmony, so that middle school students have appropriate opportunities to express happy emotions, vent bad emotions, and cultivate the ability to resist setbacks. The external environment can also cause emotional changes. The elegant and clean room, with bright light and soft colors, makes people feel calm and comfortable. On the contrary, the dark, narrow, and dirty environment brings suffocation and unpleasant emotions. The crowded, chaotic, and noisy environment can make people nervous and upset, the gloomy, strange, and lonely environment can be alarming, and the beautiful rural scenery, lakes and mountains are exciting.
For example, in the United Kingdom, people used to commit suicide by jumping across a black Burlefair Bridge in London. After crossing the bridge with a blue brush, the number of people who committed suicide by jumping in the river reduced by half. In California, the caretaker of a prison is distressed by the prisoners for provoking trouble. On one occasion, he accidentally changed a group of violent prisoners into a light-green cell, and a miracle happened: those prisoners who had jumped into Gray, as if taking sedatives, gradually calmed down, and the caretaker suffered Inspired, the cell was painted green, and incidents of prisoners were reduced.
One cry, two troubles, three hangs, think before using.
Students are not afraid of suffering when they go to school, otherwise they learn to become debtors.
Adults should smile at work and avoid late sleep and laziness.
After eating a hundred steps, you will feel better.
Find a mood of life, beautiful and emotional.
When you are in trouble, you must be confident. Healthy mood is important!


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