What Is Eye Tracking?

Eye tracking is a scientific application that allows users to flip pages without touching the screen. In principle, eye tracking is mainly used to study the acquisition, modeling, and simulation of eye movement information. In addition to the infrared device, the device for obtaining eye movement information can also be an image acquisition device, or even a camera on a general computer or mobile phone, which can also implement eye tracking with the support of software. [1]

Eye tracking

When people's eyes look in different directions, there will be subtle changes in the eyes. These changes will produce features that can be extracted. The computer can extract these features through image capture or scanning to track the changes of the eyes in real time, predict the status of the user and Demand and respond to the purpose of controlling the device with the eye.
The main equipment of eye tracking includes infrared equipment and image acquisition equipment. In terms of accuracy, infrared
There are still many difficulties in the development of eye tracking technology. For example, it is not easy for a machine to effectively recognize the true intentions of human eye movements to determine whether it is unconscious movement or conscious change. Therefore, this technology is difficult to become the main way for humans and machines to interact in the short term, but it is a good complement to more mature human-computer interactions such as mouse, keyboard, and touch, and it is also used in medical health, online education, and psychological research. Even in the field of criminal investigation, it has broad application prospects.


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