What Is Leucoderma?

This disease, also known as pityriasis simplex or pityriasis facialis, is a chronic skin disease of unknown cause. Prone to occur in people with darker skin or people with ectopic qualities.

Basic Information

Pityriasis simplex, pityriasis dry face
English name
Visiting department
Multiple groups
Children, also seen in young adults
Common causes
Common symptoms
Typical lesions are round or oval red spots with blurred edges

Pityriasis pathology

Histopathological manifestations were subacute cavernous dermatitis, and melanocytes in the epidermis were reduced.

Clinical manifestations of pityriasis albicans

Occurs in children, but also in young adults, more common in darker skin. Typical skin lesions are round or oval red spots with blurred edges, 0.5 to 2.0 cm in diameter or larger. After a few weeks, the erythema gradually turned into pale white, covered with a little bran-like scales. The number of skin lesions varies, mainly on the face, and occasionally in other parts of the body. No conscious symptoms, or itching and burning. The duration of the disease varies, and it worsens in the summer, but it all subsides naturally.

Differential diagnosis of pityriasis

Need to be distinguished from vitiligo, tinea versicolor, psoriasis type leukoplakia, sarcoidosis, or mycosis fungoides.

White pityriasis treatment

Without special treatment, moisturizing cream, 5% sulfur ointment or weak glucocorticoid cream can be applied, but the effect of hormone is usually not better than moisturizing cream. Oral compound vitamin B may also be beneficial. Phototherapy has little effect.


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