What Is the Connection Between Alcoholism and Depression?

Depression is a manifestation of increased negative emotions. Patients are consciously depressed, worrying all day, underestimating self-talent intelligence and overestimating surrounding difficulties.

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Depression is a manifestation of increased negative emotions. Patients are consciously depressed, worrying all day, underestimating self-talent intelligence and overestimating surrounding difficulties.
Depression patients are often accompanied by slow thinking, reduced speech movements, and decreased voluntary activity. This symptom is one of the typical manifestations of the depressive state of bipolar disorder, and it is also common in the reactive depression state and the menopausal depression state.
On February 5, 2019, a study by the University of Edinburgh found that hundreds of genes are associated with depression. [1]
The etiology and pathogenesis of depression are not clear, and there are no obvious abnormalities in signs and laboratory indicators. In summary, it is the result of the interaction of biological, psychological and social (cultural) factors. It is also because the current etiology of depression is unknown and there are many relevant hypotheses. The more commonly accepted etiology assumptions include:
(1) Genetic factors: large sample population
The patient was consciously depressed, worried all day, underestimated self-talented intelligence, and overestimated surrounding difficulties. Patients who are lightly interested are indifferent, listless, mentally and physically weak, and unwilling to move, and then look sad, with tears in their eyes, and consciously die better than die. Severe patients have an outbreak of sorrow. That is to say, because the patient cannot find a way out of the unbearable sorrow. Began to be restless, conscious of all despair, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors can suddenly appear. Patients with this disease are often accompanied by slow thinking, reduced speech movements, and decreased voluntary activity.
The examination should include physical examination, nervous system examination, and necessary heart, liver, and kidney examinations. Here we will focus on the mental status examination.
Grasp your own character
Through the personality test, you can accurately grasp your own personality and true self, discover your own advantages and potentials, and engage in occupations that conform to your own nature and suit your personality.
Treat normally
It is important to realize that many people will have depression throughout their lives, just like people will have a cold, and some people will recover naturally after a period of time. Even if you develop depression, it is just like the cold has worsened.
Through effective psychotherapy, the mechanism of psychotherapy is to change the way the depressed person views the surrounding world and the way patients respond to the world around them. Common ones include supportive psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and interpersonal relationship therapy.
Normal activity
Persist in normal activities, including work and maintaining a regular life. An easy way is to make a schedule, split big things into small pieces, and do one thing at a time.
Do interesting things and make friends
Plan activities that will give you happiness and confidence, especially on weekends, such as cleaning the room, riding a car, writing a letter, listening to music, shopping, etc., and arrange a period of physical exercise every day. Make more humorous and intimate friends who can tell your heart, develop a habit of keeping in touch with friends, find a companion to listen, guide, think and encourage, gradually overcome the original negative emotions and thinking patterns, and reduce depression.
Self-help psychological training
Cultivate a positive way of thinking through self-help psychological training, face life with a positive attitude, and strengthen resistance. Common online self-help psychological training in China includes
Develop good personality
A person's coping style with mental stimulation is closely related to his personality traits, such as whether the evaluation of the problem is in line with the actual situation; whether the solution to the problem is appropriate; whether the depression is seeking social support or alcohol or drug abuse. Some people either over-exaggerate their mental stimuli and produce an overly melancholic response; or they evade reality after mental stimulation, drink or abuse drugs, deceive themselves, and harm themselves, making realistic difficulties and melancholy long-lasting. If a person has a good personality, he will actively seek outside help in the face of mental stimulation, strengthen self-confidence, improve practical skills in dealing with complicated problems, and avoid external psychological damage to himself.
Make a group of good friends
Make more friends, put yourself in the group, and seek warmth and friendship from the colorful group activities. Don't keep yourself at home all day and think about things that don't go well. You should tell your friends, teachers, and family about your unpleasant thoughts, grumble, pour out the bitter water, and get rid of the catharsis. In particular, some executives and white-collar workers are under greater pressure, and their distress is reluctant to tell their subordinates and family members that leaders should create an environment and conditions for them to communicate and vent.
Have a good mood
Things are not going well in life. Disappointment is almost inevitable. Melancholy can happen at any time. Everything is just a good wish and blessing. Keep a good mood and encounter unpleasant things. Think positive, and keep an open mind. Learn to be frank and honest, and don't blame yourself, grieve, or pity too much. "Only health is the wealth that others can't take away." Don't compare with others, don't have excessive expectations, rationally adjust your level of ambition, and always maintain an optimistic mood.
Have a curiosity and develop a wide range of interests
A broad interest is the "lifebuoy" of depression. When a person's life has only one choice, his happiness can only be a one-way choice. This happiness is also unstable. It should be adjusted and released by various means. . Including the elderly to maintain a curiosity, often participate in some cultural and sports activities. Studies have shown that aerobic exercises such as swimming, jogging, and cycling can stimulate the secretion of endorphins in the brain, produce pleasant substances, and make people feel happy. At the same time, participating in these activities not only enhances physical fitness, but also more importantly enhances people-to-people communication.
Read some excellent literature
Especially some fairy tales. When people read fairy tales, they are often infected by the innocence and beautiful ideals in their works, awakening their sleeping childhood memories. At the same time, the human, flowers, birds, fish, and insects described in the works can cause people to have a strong sense of beauty, go beyond their own situation, and enter another world. The psychological pressure is relieved and the mood is relaxed.
Early detection, early treatment
Depression can make patients' emotions, interests, sleep, and appetite significantly disturbed, and their overall psychological function will be impaired, which will seriously interfere with their study and life. Early-onset depression often recurs and persists into adulthood, and can easily lead to other serious illnesses. Therefore, early diagnosis and standard treatment of adolescent depression are very important to avoid damage to academic and social functions and promote the normal development of psychological behavioral functions.
On February 5, 2019, the University of Edinburgh published in the latest issue of the journal Nature · Neurology: The study compared the health and genetic information of more than 2 million people and found 269 genes related to depression. This research will help better understand the origins of related diseases and who is at higher risk.
The research team used statistical methods to analyze DNA fragments in people with depression and those who smoked.
Research results show that depression may be one of the factors driving smoking in some people, and symptoms such as nervousness may easily lead to depression. These findings may help determine which people are at higher risk of depression. [1]


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