What Is the Connection Between Video Games and Obesity?

Video games (a few scholars use Electronic Games), also known as video games (referred to as video games), refers to all interactive games that rely on electronic device platforms to run. Divided into five types according to the different media: console games (also known as home console games, TV games), handheld games, computer games, arcade games, and mobile games (mainly mobile games). The emergence of perfect video games at the end of the 20th century changed the way humans play games and the definition of the word game. It belongs to a cultural activity born with the development of science and technology. Video games can also be referred to as "video game software".

[diàn z yóu xì]
[Word]: Video game
[Zhuyin]: diàn z yóu xì
[English]: Electronic Game
[Definition]: The use of electronic equipment as a medium for game activities. Began in the late 1960s. Video games are mainly inherited games from traditional game activities: video games such as football, baseball, and chess, and word and number games. Also has features not found in traditional games: fantasy
Interactivity: a kind of connection between a person and an electronic device, a kind of feedback.
Simulation: Simulation of the real world or the thinking world.
The online video game industry has always been the focus of attention and discussion from all walks of life. For a long time, the discussion of "first-class" video game entertainment platforms has never stopped. Innovation and change, with a dedicated service attitude and a progressive spirit, we will create an industry-leading online video game entertainment platform, allowing the majority of players to experience a more comprehensive and professional video game entertainment. Through Zhonghehua technology access mode, it integrates multiple third-party electronic game platforms to create an industry-leading online electronic game entertainment platform. Players can easily experience the most fashionable and exciting game categories here, while enjoying the humanization and refinement of the game experience and services brought about by the major game platforms competing with each other and making progress together. [1]
Learned from official sources such as the 2015 CESA Game White Book, including
Video games include: console games, arcade games, and
Main entry: Game type
The picture shows Wii U
Video games in the narrow sense are software, so there must be corresponding hardware devices (that is, game consoles), and the two are a modular relationship. For example, the game platform corresponding to the Contra generation is the Red and White Machine (FC).
In general, game platforms have different markets, so it is not appropriate to compare them by the same standard, even if the games between them are often transplanted to each other.
Video game software comes in completely different forms, with different types of intersection. For example, the United States tends to incorporate shooting and fighting games into action games; Taiwan tends to incorporate strategy and strategy games into simulation games (meaning simulated battlefields); and Japan has a unique classification of home games. The classification of games in mainland China is very chaotic.
Mainstream classification (Europe and America): action, adventure, role-playing, strategy, simulation, leisure, sports.


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