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Network marketing strategies are some of the network marketing combinations that companies adopt based on their different positions in the market. They include web strategy, product strategy, price strategy, promotion strategy, channel strategy, and customer service strategy. It is a new type of marketing method based on the Internet and using the interactivity of digital information and network media to assist in the realization of marketing goals. Simply put, online marketing is carried out with the Internet as the main means to achieve certain marketing goals.

Internet Sales Strategy

The application of online marketing in domestic enterprises is gradually deepening, but compared to internationally outstanding companies, the domestic application has just begun. China Online Marketing Network is the first online marketing information portal, which provides a wealth of information resources.
The relevant information provided by Tinlu from "China Internet Marketing Network" indicates that this also means that with the continuous penetration of the Internet economy into the traditional economy, domestic enterprises, especially the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, cannot effectively use low-cost and efficient networks. Marketing methods will face great competitive disadvantages.
Characteristics of Internet Marketing Strategy
Cosmopolitan Commercial Bank leverages Internet to capture potential high-end audiences in China
With nearly 60 years of history, Dior is elegant and luxurious. How to add youthful vitality to the brand on the basis of maintaining its high-end brand image has become a major problem for the Dior enclosure China market.
As we all know, 20-40 years old is the main consumer of cosmetics and skin care products. Recent surveys show that the age of first purchase of cosmetics and skin care products is gradually decreasing, and 185% of consumers are already 55%. The young people around the age of 25 are pursuing fashion and advocating self, growing up in the influence of the Internet, and have strong consumption power. They are eager to try various high-end brands. They will be the main consumers of luxury goods in the coming years.
In the first half of 2007, the total number of Internet users in China exceeded 162 million, covering the main target audience of many high-end brands. And Tencent covers more than 95% of Chinese Internet users. Its users are fashionable and like to buy luxury goods. Most of them are impulsive consumers, and they have become the preferred platform for potential audiences in Dior Enclave China.
It is for this reason that Dior launched a new series of hydro-powered sunscreen products, taking advantage of the interpersonal advantages of the QQ platform, and held a theme event of "Luxury Water Conservation Power Trip" to guide potential audiences' desire for "young luxury" pursue.
Netizen word of mouth releases the viral effect of Dior transmission
Water, the source of all things
Endlessly nourishing life
For women who are as soft as water
Only dancing with water
Can you nourish your body and mind
Achievement is natural and waterlike
In the spring and summer of 2007, "naked makeup" and "natural beauty" are highly respected. With natural, healthy, fair and tender skin, it creates a low-key and elegant aristocratic temperament, and is favored by urban women. The launch of Dior's hydrodynamic products caters to the young audience's pursuit of "beautiful water and natural decoration".
Excellent products are already available, only the Internet marketing Dongfeng. Tencent's QQ space platform has more than 200 million registered users and more than 11 million active users per day. So, how to use the QQ space platform to target high-end target audiences among many users and accurately show young users the young luxury of Dior hydrodynamic products; how to effectively stimulate the target audience to participate in discussions and activities on skin care topics, and ultimately Generating the desire to consume Dior hydropower products has become the main goal of this online marketing campaign. To this end, Tencent has formulated a special marketing strategy based on its own characteristics.
Accurately select opinion leaders
An elegant woman will never allow a flaw in her beauty, because this is an attitude towards life. Similarly, classic brands will never tolerate a slight omission of their nobility.
The theme space of this "Luxury Water Conservation Power Trip" event was independently designed by QQ Space, and the style of water hibiscus, crystal waterdrops, bewitching beauties, and Dior water power products and brands is perfectly natural. The exquisite page design brings a fresh, natural, and moisturizing feeling to netizens on a hot summer day, attracting the attention of white-collar workers and fashionable women, and laying a good foundation for the development of the event.
Dior's "Luxury Water Conservation Power Trip" activity is divided into three groups: white-collar workers, students, and models. Netizens choose groups to participate according to their actual conditions. Participants sign up in the form of personal QQ space. After creating the beauty log, they can introduce skincare experiences in rich forms such as text, pictures or videos in their QQ space, and share their experience and know-how in skincare.
Netizens vote for supported players in the form of Q coins and are selected once a week. During the week, the 22 players with the most popular votes were shortlisted, and then Dior skincare experts based on the professionalism of netizens' beauty skincare perspectives, the practicality of experience, the originality of their works, and the knowledge of Dior's hydrodynamic products. Among the top 5 players, two winners were selected to become the opinion leaders of Dior Hydro Products.
The final winner of the event will receive the final prize for participating in a luxury water conservation power trip-free participation in the Italian "Ilangena" tanker holiday, at the same time, supplemented by the free experience of Dior water power products for other participants encourage.
Interpersonal transmission triggers viral effects
Each participating QQ space user will appear on their Qzone page with updates and content updates to participate in the event, which will virtually become a new communication vehicle for Dior's hydrodynamic theme activities, attracting more attention and response from similar consumer groups.
At the same time, the winner of the competition has become the opinion leader of Dior hydropower products with its own strength, and its Qzone has also evolved into a source of viral marketing of hydropower products. The greatest value of the Internet is sharing. As long as the information is of sufficient value, it will be spread throughout the network without cost. Word-of-mouth interpersonal communication doubled Dior Hydro's brand information and event information in just one month, and the response rate of the activity log exceeded customer expectations, eventually stimulating audiences' desire for Dior hydropower products on a large scale.
Enterprises should step out of this ordinary level, take high-end business planning as a guide, break through conventional online marketing methods, and create unique, novel, creative, attractive, and lasting disruptive online marketing methods. .
There are only two types of sales worldwide, one is sales promotion and the other is suction sales. There are only two types of businessmen in the world, one is a merchant and the other is a merchant. To do network marketing well, we must go through four stages. First, to give birth to children, that is, to build up a network platform; second, to let children grow up, that is, to enlarge their own website and platform; third, to let children go out, that is, to promote their own website Go out; fourth, let children learn to make money, which is to design a network profit model and achieve long-term profit.
In the future China, there will be no simple traditional industry or pure network industry. There will only be one industry, called the network industry! Network and tradition combined industry!
The Internet is like a woman, and traditional industries are like a man. The man in the traditional industry has to consider not how to become a woman, but how to marry a woman who is on the Internet. Many companies are thinking about how to do network marketing well. In fact, the basic knowledge of Internet marketing has been taught in all six years of elementary school.
"Little Horse Crossing the River" tells us that when doing online marketing, don't go to superstition about the experience shared by the so-called Internet giants or small and medium-sized webmasters, but start from the actual situation and find the starting point.
"Cao Chong said the elephant" tells us that to do online marketing, we must learn asymmetric innovation, and make good use of those seemingly worthless websites.
"Crows find water to drink" tells us that to do online marketing, we must consolidate the power of small and medium-sized websites to find our own network stones.
"Shou Zhuwait Rabbit" tells us that when doing online marketing, we must learn to create an atmosphere and win the world by selling.
1. Consumer strategy
For online marketing, the first step is to find out where the target consumer is. There is no doubt that the definition of consumers is different for comprehensive websites and professional websites. Then, you need to get closer and understand consumers, and learn to think like them, to find effective and interactive communication and communication channels.
2. Cost strategy
In the process of disseminating marketing strategies, people constantly ponder new marketing tactics: price positioning, consumer behavior theory, market positioning, consistency of communication, and informal value strategies. However, I also found that consumers sometimes do not pay attention to prices and even ignore costs, and "affordability" is sometimes not the only requirement of consumers.
3. Convenience strategy
Convenience strategy refers to the emphasis on the convenience of consumers in purchasing goods and services without emphasising fixed distribution channels. All focus on the convenience of consumers to carry out online marketing. Convenience is another key point of the competitiveness of network enterprises, and it is another basic manifestation of corporate God that network marketing communication interprets consumers under the brand loyalty economy.
4. Communication strategy
When Internet companies try multiple marketing methods again and again, they often find that they do not work. Consumers often pass by a "point" and never "hit". Why is that? Is it the wrong way of communicating or is there a problem with the interaction? Therefore, in the end, a communication strategy should be proposed. This is a higher level of marketing communication, which is actually two-way communication.
In summary, the emergence of online marketing has injected fresh blood into the traditional marketing model, and in particular has opened up a new marketing idea for SME marketers. A model of how to occupy the market, promote brands, market products, and make profits in the initial stages of entrepreneurship.
The fundamental point that online marketing is different from traditional marketing is the characteristics of the network itself and the personalization of online customer needs. Internet marketing must start from the basis of changes in network characteristics and consumer needs, and use network integrated marketing, "soft marketing" and online direct marketing. Re-marketing and other new marketing theories to innovate marketing strategies.
The success of online marketing often lies in strategy. Introduce you to several ways often used in strategy.
Trick one, discount marketing. The discount marketing strategy is simply to discount products. This is a commonly used promotion method. Discount marketing caters to the consumer's mentality of spending less, so this method is also effective in sales.
Trick two, giveaway marketing. Before the launch of a new product, make small pieces of gifts so that they can be distributed to consumers, strengthen product awareness, and continue to increase the popularity of the product. As the popularity of the product increases, it can drive some consumer groups to pay attention and Use of the product.
Move three, point marketing. The point marketing strategy can stabilize a lot of customer groups, and through the accumulation of points, formulate certain incentive measures. Consumers increase points to obtain prizes by purchasing multiple times or participating in an event multiple times. The more points they receive, the more prizes they get, so that they can sell more products.
The fourth move is to optimize the network. Through keyword optimization, let more consumers understand the product, and continue to transmit product information to consumers through some media tools such as forums, emails, and QQ group software.
The fifth move is to carry out event marketing. Make use of major festival days to carry out preferential sales, so that more consumers can be mobilized to participate and effectively achieve product sales. There are many strategies for online marketing.
First, the opening chapter -open the mysterious door of Internet marketing
2. What is internet marketing
3.How companies use online marketing
4. Common Misunderstandings of Internet Marketing
5. Composition of the basic system framework of online marketing
Second, the strategy chapter -the process and steps of developing an internet marketing strategy
1.Network profit model
2.STP strategic planning system applied to online marketing
(1) Segmentation-market segmentation
(2) Choice-determine the target market
(3) Positioning-determine market position
3.Unique product sales proposition-USP
4.Basic Process and Steps of Online Marketing Strategy Planning
Third, the website article -in-depth deconstruction marketing website planning and construction
1. The basic structure of the website
Website basic types
3.Marketing website
(1) Concept and importance of marketing website
(2) Basic characteristics of marketing website
(3) Planning process, skills and methods of marketing website
Fourth, search articles -search marketing practice
1. Fundamentals of getting started with SEM
1. Create a blog
Hagrid believes that you can set up a free blog space on a dedicated blog service website and write some interesting articles related to your business. To increase traffic, comment on other relevant blogs and link back to your own blog.
2. Cultivate loyal customers
Writer Brain Media's founder and public relations expert Denise Dorman believes that the development of loyalty programs can bring many repeat customers. When they become loyal customers, they can provide them with shopping advances that members only enjoy. , Discount information, important internal industry news, or products and services offered only to the company's best customers. Repurchase them with discounts, gifts or other incentives. Establish an emotional connection between your product or service and your customers, and you will become a brand name in their hearts.
3. Information distribution
Free and low-cost news and information distribution through websites like PRWeb can help your business promote online.
4. Mining the data
To make GreenTango restaurants more efficient, Billy, 37, and Alissa Maupin, 36, are offering online and SMS ordering. While making customers happy, these features that bring convenience to customers also have an added benefit: this online and SMS ordering information allows the company to easily establish a database to track the registration and consumption on the system Shopping habits of nearly 4,000 customers. The three-person restaurant has annual sales of about $ 1.5 million.
5. Oral publicity
Kobler recommends doing some verbal publicity where your customers appear: for example, at a meeting of a local industry association, at a national investment conference, or as a guest lecturer at a local college or university. You can also hold a publicity event in the company, Koebler said, "Invite your customers and potential customers, and then ask your distributor to support you, let them pay for the event or provide some of the latest products In the window for the event. "
6. Email marketing
Scott Cooper, a marketing consultant and one of the authors of "Tips and Pitfalls in Marketing," suggests that once you have collected enough information about your customers' buying patterns, seasonal needs, and Product preferences and other data should be used for marketing. Using this information, you will be extremely successful with targeted email, direct mail, and in-store promotions, thanks to data analytics support.
7. Make employees a sales tool
Green Tango employees have different information about their brand on T-shirts, hats, aprons and even buttons. "When we launch a new product, you can see it in the uniforms of employees," said Billy Maupin. In order to increase sales, employees need to be trained to sell some products on the menu.
8. Conduct an investigation
Designed by yourself? Surveys to expand your advocacy. Investigate your audience on issues they consider important, and regularly release survey results relevant to your business.
9. Reward gifts
Whenever a client gives a translation company Choice TranslatingInc. When they bring in a business, they receive a gift: a high-quality gyroscope (with the company's logo on it) or a handicraft from Peru. The couple, Michelle Menard, who founded the company, says that customers will be thrilled. Each gift is only $ 5, but "customers will be ecstatic about it" and will always remember her company.
10. Use the power of the group
Dorman believes that you can post your company profile on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and My Space, and then build your own group. You can exchange some information online with fellow fans for free. In addition, whenever a new user joins the group, the group name will be displayed in real time on the profile page. "Posting announcements through groups is a great way to promote yourself."
11. Become an industry expert
Mo Ping and his partners designed a special salad menu for Green Tango. He said: "As the saying goes: 'Do it, you have to do it', we want to be the best in a particular field." You can do it too. Kobler said business owners can try to obtain a certificate from a college or university's non-degree program in a particular field, or obtain a certificate from a trade association to improve their expert credibility.
12. Make good use of the resources you have
Köbler believes that you should use the usual communication and contact methods as marketing opportunities. Clearly label your products or promotions on letters, invoices and other forms of communication. Put your logo on your envelope or postcard, put your logo on your e-mail signature, contact information and links to discount and information pages on your website.
13. Have plans at the end of the year
In the last month of the year, check out your target media's editorial calendar for 2009. "You can easily find this on the website of each magazine, go through the topics of each plan, and make a form to make your company appear as relevant as possible," Dorman said.
14. Contest and repeat
When GreenTango reached the "Best Salad" finals hosted by a local newspaper, Mo Ping and his partners immediately released a message: They sent a batch of emails to their customers. Dorman considers participating in competitions sponsored by the media, industry associations and other organizations a good idea.
15.Using Reader Letters
Dorman believes that if reports about your company are discontinued, you can often comment in the form of "letters from readers." Your comments will be seen by the original creator of the story, and will also attract the editor's attention, and you may become the subject of their future coverage.
16.Post video ads
Hager believes that digital cameras can be used to make videos of company-related information, which can be uploaded to YouTube, Google Video and other video sites for free. Cynergy Systems Software Development Company produced a simple in-house video about marketing employees' funds to support the company's new ideas. After posting the video, an employee of the company emailed the video to a friend. This video was downloaded hundreds of times in 10 minutes, and it has been over 200,000 times so far.
17. Make the most of your network
Dorman advises his customers to put their company's information on several large websites, "more importantly, let fans of your products or services keep spying on you."
18. Street propaganda
Face-to-face with customers, especially in the B2B industry, may consolidate or destroy relationships with customers. When Mannard was planning to expand her business, she and her employees invited customers to visit on Halloween, to distribute chocolates and blessings, to conduct a fun, holiday-related greeting card collection, and then send an e-mail to inform those who cannot come in person. client. This activity jumped $ 22,000 in revenue for the month.
19. Take advantage of your facade
If your company is in a prosperous area, put some signs or flags on your building for marketing (of course, you must first abide by relevant management regulations). Mo Ping floated in the air with small signboards that cost less than $ 20 to $ 30. These signs made the promotions more eye-catching and point to their restaurants.
20. Establish a customer advisory committee
Cooper recommends inviting clients to an advisory board so that you can get feedback on everything from design to the latest advertising solutions. They may help you generate new ideas and find new customers, and the reward for this is a small gift or a special discount.
21. Collaborate with people
Most businesses can establish collaborative relationships with companies that target the same customer base but are not competitive. Restaurant operator Mo Ping works with a local personal training agency that trains green food followers as health-conscious followers. They place an order before the start of the training course, and the training agency hands the order to Green Tango, who will have salads before the trainees.
Except for some coordination time, these techniques cost little, but these small investments can be greatly rewarded by increasing awareness and expanding new customers.
(1) It will help enterprises to obtain future competitive advantages:
(2) Make consumer decision-making more convenient and autonomous:
(3) It is beneficial for enterprises to obtain cost advantages:
(4) Good communication between enterprises and customers:
(5) It is beneficial for enterprises to provide better services:
(6) Multimedia effects that are conducive to the promotion of products:
The network marketer refers specifically to the compound talents who have been reviewed and evaluated by the Network Marketer Certification Expert Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce. They can use the Internet as a platform to collect and query all relevant information required for product marketing, and to screen, analyze and research. Then optimize the design and structure of the network marketing system of its own products, and be able to adjust the content of the network marketing system according to changes in market factors. In today's society, the Internet has gradually become an indispensable service tool in people's lives and work. On this basis, Internet marketing has gradually begun its strong market role. At the same time, the market's demand for network marketing talents is also increasing.
Integrating online marketing is to get a general understanding of all online marketing methods, then choose the method that suits you, and repeat this method to the extreme. The choice of network marketing methods must be immediately available. It must be determined according to the development of the enterprise. As long as it can be used and can make money, there is no need to toss, change, etc. I want to expand the funds, and then change to a new way, otherwise I can only struggle and spend money unjustly. For all kinds of Internet marketing sales calls, you must have the ability to judge, do not spend money as soon as possible, it is not worth it.
For a small and medium-sized enterprise, the Internet marketing team is enough. This person needs to be particularly clear about the company's product information and sales links. Even in many details, it is better to understand than actual sales. On the Internet, what customers need is the content of product details. The success of online marketing staff lies in the details. . Nowadays, companies will have their own website. The website is delivered to the network marketers. The network marketers must check whether the product layout of the website is reasonable. At this time, we do nt use SEO. We have to do it. The reason is that the offline product line is moved to the Internet. Whether the website can exert its value is closely related to the network marketing staff. The details mentioned above must be especially reflected on the website.
A website is a gun, and an internet marketer or team is a gunman. With the support of the website, network marketers can start to do simple network marketing work.
1.IM marketing
IM marketing is the simplest way of online marketing. It sends related information in groups or individuals through communication tools such as QQ, Baidu HI, and MSN. Let's talk about success stories, such as those who sell tea, such as those who sell stocks. I think everyone is familiar with them. Although they are annoying, they cannot be denied. They have done a beautiful job. I have also done IM marketing. Based on my experience, I have done some rankings on IM marketing methods.
Introduction to IM Marketing: Tea stocks are sold by T when they enter the market. However, their indiscriminate bombing is a persevering spirit and is quite effective.
Primary IM marketing: software distribution type, using IM group distribution software, one by one harassment, although T went out, but saved labor.
Intermediate IM marketing: Self-questioning and self-answering. If this cooperation is tacit, it can really arouse everyone's interest, but most of it will be pierced. I have participated in this kind of marketing method, which makes the advertisers feel happy. But once punctured or AD reaches the amount, being T is absolute.
Advanced IM marketing: knowing that you can find relevant groups and add them, and then send advertisements, or share customer information directly in the industry group, this is a smarter approach, and the T rate is relatively low.
Super IM Marketing: Always being T, have you ever thought about T others, then we will set up related product groups ourselves, add customers who need products to the group, and regularly send customers discount information or something.
Premium IM marketing: Customers actively add to the group to ask related products and what to buy. I once added a group that brushes corporate legal information software, and they do very well. The biggest temptation for attracting customers is trial, free and so on. It is the best IM marketing method I have ever seen.
Random IM marketing: all groups are added, all groups have a wide range of hobbies, each group has good character and reputation, and occasionally advertising will not be T out.
IM marketing summary: IM marketing relies on contacts, personal charm, and word of mouth.
2. Information release marketing
Who would nt release the information? The advertisements on a bus in the same city are bombarded in turn. The girl is shouting that this is a magical website. Who would not send a message on this? So, this is a foundation for integrating online marketing from a young age. It can also be classified.
Stubborn information release marketing: The release area is in major information release websites, some sections, and the article is simple and the idea is simple. It is usually a sentence, sell XX, contact XX, etc.
Euphemistic information release marketing: The release still depends on the section, and the article is written in more detail, detailing the product information.
Literary style information release marketing: An article is entirely from the original author. The release area is on the homepage of a well-known website. The traffic has been rising all the way. The viewer is softly implanted after a smile. This is what we call the soft text marketing method. The most basic free distribution method, this still needs a little bit of effort to do.
Economic strength information release marketing: have a certain economic strength, so that you can contact the sellers of some soft articles to publish their information on Sina Sohu or even Baidu news sources. The huge number of clicks is helpful to brand sales.
3. Portal Blog Marketing
Portal blog marketing is the entry level for website marketing. I ca nt do a website, it s okay, I can do a blog. Posting information on a blog will always be, otherwise the second method introduced above will be abolished.
Childish blog marketing: Its blog is built on QQ space,, or a more entertaining portal. Although it can also let customers know about their products, customers seem to prefer to see your profile or profile in relevant locations. , Especially beautiful women, send product information in the QQ space, it is better to put your own photos in it, friendship reminder, Yanzhao door is also a way, but still do not use it well.
Inexplicable blogs: Find some completely unknown portals for blogging. Sometimes when you are sending messages in the group, you still have to consider whether to click and wonder whether it is a virus. In fact, I do nt think that an unknown blogger will do it. If the clients are all introduced internally or need confidential communication, this method can be adopted. If you want to have a weighty blog, it is recommended to choose a large portal blog.
Ordinary youth blogs: Sina, Sohu, Netease, and some other technology information portals can still do blog content. Friendship reminds that Sina has a higher weight and ranks really well. The previously mentioned blocking door incidents are gone.
There are four misunderstandings in the online marketing strategy of SMEs. With the full penetration of the network into corporate operations and personal lives, network marketing strategies have gradually been recognized and adopted by more and more companies. However, because the Internet marketing strategy is a very new type of marketing method, during the implementation process, companies will inevitably have many misunderstandings, resulting in the effect of input and output is always not as expected, so that companies with confidence and hope will be hit. It also more or less affected the development of the most promising marketing means of the 21st century, such as Internet marketing strategies.
The first misunderstanding-"building a website to help companies make money". This sentence is okay by itself, and the mistake is that most people understand this sentence as "you can make money with a website." In fact, the establishment of a website by an enterprise only represents that the enterprise has taken the first step in developing an internet marketing strategy. With the website, there is a window for displaying products and services through the Internet.
The second misunderstanding-"Online advertising is Internet marketing." Website advertising is just a way of network promotion in the network marketing strategy system, and it is just the tip of the iceberg of the network marketing strategy system. A successful online marketing strategy is not just one or two online promotions, but a new sales system that integrates brand planning, advertising design, network technology, sales management, and marketing. There should be a complete and thorough planning, coupled with accurate and effective implementation, to achieve the desired results.
The third misunderstanding-"SMEs do not have the strength to do network marketing." On the contrary, SMEs are fully capable of doing online marketing strategies, and what they lack is only awareness. Compared with traditional publicity channels, online marketing strategies have the lowest price and are suitable for SMEs to adopt. In the vast network, how to build your brand and let more people understand your products and services is the core problem that the online marketing strategy really needs to solve.
The fourth misunderstanding-"Internet marketing strategy is online sales." Online sales are the result of the development of online marketing strategies to a certain stage. Online marketing strategies are a basic activity carried out for the purpose of online sales, but online marketing strategies are not themselves equivalent to online sales.


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