What Is a Mini Desktop Computer?

Compact appearance, more convenient to carry, save space and use more conveniently when going out.

Mini computer

Compact appearance, more convenient to carry, save space and use more conveniently when going out.
Imagine putting the full power of a traditional desktop computer in a chic, compact box that's as small as a book. Can be installed completely open
With Intel's vigorous promotion of the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) platform concept, the number of "mini computers" in the market has gradually increased. Usually as the second or even third computer host of a family, mini-computers carry more of the burden of home Internet entertainment terminals. Compared with the traditional desktop host, the mini computer can be regarded as the evolution version of the previous HTPC concept. It not only has higher integration and stronger computing performance, but also has a more compact form factor. [2]
With the rapid development of the Internet, TV is no longer just a tool for watching TV programs. By connecting to a dedicated computer such as HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer), the TV has more human-computer interaction features. Nowadays, the living room TV of many families has become a display of leisure activities after family tea. A family can play games, watch movies and even sing karaoke on TV. [3]
The full range of ASUS mini computers includes both GR8 / GR6 mini computers with gaming-grade performance and "integrity first", as well as VM / UN series mini computers that focus on home light applications and multimedia entertainment terminals.
Like other categories of ROG products, the ASUS GR8 / GR6 mini computer's red and black color scheme can be described as "combatant." The engraved stripes on the red border are inspired by Mayan civilization, and the sides of the fuselage treated with black matte surface, the prominent ROG mark indicates its outstanding performance reserve. Also known as a mini computer, the ASUS GR8 / GR6 has a size of 6 x 24.5 x 23.8 cm (WxDxH), a compact body, and is very easy to carry. In addition to the powerful built-in processor and graphics card, the ASUS GR8 / GR6 mini computer also integrates a number of cool gaming exclusive features such as SupremeFX game sound effects, Sonic Radar II sonic radar and GameFirst III gaming network acceleration. For users with GR8 / GR6 mini computers, it is not only suitable for placing in the bedroom or living room, you can even take it to participate in various offline game events. [1]
It is undeniable that the performance bottleneck of mini PCs is graphics cards. Most mini PCs use integrated graphics cards. Although it is smooth to play full HD videos and small stand-alone games, it is difficult to play large-scale gun battle games. a lot of. This is not originally the fault of the mini PC. Since the product is compact and portable, it will naturally sacrifice performance elements due to heat generation.
In the blink of an eye by 2015, with the development of technology, the Intel HD 5000 core graphics card also has good display performance, even in the face of low-quality LOL can play. In addition, mini PC embedded models have also been launched, even embedded GTX 860M level, so under the guarantee of hardware performance, users can easily form a quad-screen.
Nowadays, a mini-PC can form a quad-screen, so it is not far from the level of a living room computer for its use. Jumping out of the living room is also out of the home category, such as restaurants with multiple promotional screen consoles, indoor and outdoor monitor storage devices, and hotel room computers are all useful. In addition, individual users such as financial investment analysts, mini PCs are also competitive with their relatively ultra-portable size and excellent cost performance. [5]
With the continuous innovation of upstream chip manufacturers, we have reason to believe that today's mini PCs can already solve more than 70% of the work and entertainment needs of users, so more use expansions just lack our imagination. It is also believed that manufacturers of mini PCs will tell us earlier where they are more useful [5] . [6]


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