What Is a Virtual Merchant?

The virtual market is a place where buyers and sellers gather and conduct transactions formed by the application of e-commerce technology. It is an inevitable result of the development of e-commerce, and it reflects the advancement and effectiveness of e-commerce technology to the greatest extent.

Virtual market

Virtual market concept
Sellers can easily publish their product and service information to many potential buyers worldwide, and conduct transactions with many potential buyers via the Internet, reducing the complexity of the transaction process, effectively improving the efficiency of the transaction process, and reducing transactions. Cost; for buyers, in the virtual market, they can have greater contact with different suppliers, and conduct timely and effective comparison and communication through the Internet, improve the choice of procurement products and services, and obtain better prices and higher prices. Quality, while simplifying the originally complicated procurement process, greatly improving procurement efficiency and reducing procurement costs.
Form of virtual market
Judging from the success stories abroad, there are two forms of the establishment of the virtual market: one is established by the seller or the buyer, and the other is established by a third-party intermediary. The first form of virtual market is mainly established by large purchasing groups, such as General Electric, General Motors, Ford Motor, CISCO, etc. The main purpose is to simplify the procurement process, reduce procurement costs, strengthen control of the procurement process, and improve itself Competitiveness. From the perspective of the current market, the formation of the buyer's market has caused buyers to be in a more advantageous position in the transaction process. Therefore, this form of virtual market is generally formed from buyers. The other form of virtual market is also currently the most popular form of virtual market in foreign countries. It is generally initiated and established by third-party intermediary organizations, such as CommerceOne, Ariba, eSteel, and so on. Because for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, they do not have the ability to establish virtual markets themselves, and their purchasing power is also difficult to compare with that of giant enterprises, which results in a smaller appeal. It is difficult for them to achieve results in establishing virtual markets. And through the intermediary agencies to bring together many small and medium-sized enterprises to form a large purchasing group, each SME can obtain more benefits. At the same time, through the intermediary agency's regulation and management of buyers and sellers, online credit is provided so that buyers and sellers can safely conduct online transactions. The advantage of this model of virtual market is that the third-party intermediary does not intervene in the transaction itself, and can guarantee the fairness, fairness and openness of the transaction process. At present, this form of virtual market abroad is generally composed of purchasers, suppliers, third-party intermediaries, and logistics distribution organizations.
Advantages of virtual markets
Compared with the tangible market, the virtual market has particular advantages:
(1) The virtual market can provide hundreds of times more goods than the real market
(2) No backlog of goods
(3) Will not cause capital occupation
(4) Save manpower and material resources
(5) Suitable for flexible selection and ordering
(6) No need to spend a lot of startup costs
(7) Provide customers with convenient and flexible shopping methods
(8) Expanding the scope of customers through the Internet
Impact of virtual markets on physical markets
With the rapid development of e-commerce and online marketing, the virtual market continues to erode the physical market with its own advantages. When more businesses see that the virtual market has a lot of room for development, they all strive to improve business processes to adapt to the high-speed business activities in the information age.
As we know, industries that use virtual markets to make a lot of money have expanded into people's clothing, food, and shelter. From clothing to books, from books to homes, more and more industries are making full use of the Internet to provide services. We also know: electronic journals, information retrieval, flower shops, gift shops, online education, talent circulation, communication and so on.
In our country, some government departments have approved or hosted the establishment of websites, and some traditional commodity markets or e-commerce websites established by powerful enterprises and institutions are becoming such new middlemen. For example, the "China Commodity Market", which is called "the never-ending fair",
Development of pharmaceutical market requires advanced e-commerce methods
The pharmaceutical industry is one of the country's special industries, which directly affects people's physical health and life safety. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the four major technological innovation industries in China (computer, automobile, medicine, microelectronics) and is a technology-intensive industry. It is an international industry with high investment, high investment, good efficiency, long cycle and high risk. At the same time, due to various unreasonable factors in China's existing production and distribution sectors, the order of drug production and operation has been greatly disrupted, and improper practices such as bribery, solicitation of bribes, and kickbacks have prevailed during drug purchase and sale. Medical and health units have similar problems, placing heavy burdens on patients on their backs. In order to put an end to the above-mentioned phenomenon, the state has ordered the industry to establish orderly competition in the industry, standardize industry management, and strengthen supervision of the circulation link. However, it is not enough to regulate market behavior only in terms of laws and regulations. It is necessary to strengthen the transparency of the pharmaceutical market and the intensity of management and monitoring through advanced e-commerce methods. It is necessary to strengthen the information construction of the industry and connect the government, the market and consumers , And finally realize the healthy development of the pharmaceutical distribution market, so that the interests of consumers are protected.
Ready-to-use medical virtual market
According to the theoretical analysis of the virtual market, it can be seen that the establishment of a pharmaceutical virtual market covering the entire industry is on the one hand a trend of development; on the other hand it is also in line with the development needs of China's medicine. This is also determined by the particularity of the drug. Through a pharmaceutical virtual market, buyers and sellers in the distribution of medicines face a fair and transparent market channel on an equal basis, and all drug purchase and sale behaviors carried out in this channel will be recorded through modern information collection methods and passed through corresponding Information processing becomes the basis for law enforcement supervision by relevant government departments at all levels. The formation of such a market channel and the corresponding transaction model can not only improve the efficiency of drug circulation and reduce the cost of drug circulation, but also have important significance for regulating unfair competition behaviors in China's drug production, distribution, and sales.
The medical virtual market is a government-led systems engineering
It can be seen from foreign experience that the virtual market is the product of the full development of the market economy. Virtual markets are nothing more than means or expressions of realization. And because China s current market economic development is still inadequate, the use of electronic commerce to establish a modern pharmaceutical virtual market is a way to promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical market. Process product. At the same time, due to the shortcomings of the current stage of the development of the market economy, some people have already become vested interests, so they will certainly resist the promotion of virtual markets. Therefore, on the one hand, China's current promotion and improvement of virtual markets cannot rely solely on the spontaneous power of the market. It requires strong administrative intervention and support, as well as active participation from all aspects of society. Therefore, it must also be a government-led system project for the whole society .
Management of pharmaceutical virtual market
First of all, the medical virtual market must be a legal market, and the two parties trading in this market must also have legal qualifications. Therefore, the management of the medical virtual market should be carried out under the framework of traditional pharmaceutical market management and use modern management methods. Innovation and development. Secondly, as a product of a market economy, the medical virtual market must be independent of any government department.


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