What Is a Workstation?

A workstation is a high-end general-purpose microcomputer. It is intended for single-user use and provides more powerful performance than personal computers, especially in terms of graphics processing capabilities and task parallelism. Computers usually equipped with large high-resolution, multi-screen displays, large internal and external memories, and extremely powerful information and high-performance graphics and image processing functions. In addition, the terminal connected to the server can also be called a workstation. The application areas of workstations are: scientific and engineering computing, software development, computer-aided analysis, computer-aided manufacturing, engineering design and application, graphics and image processing, process control, and information management. [1]

A workstation is a personal computing environment and
Computer and corresponding external equipment and complete sets
The workstation is based on software,
Product type refers to the specific product type of the workstation accessory, such as
Generally speaking, workstations are mainly used in the following areas:
This area is considered a traditional area for workstations. The use of CAD / CAM technology can greatly shorten the product development cycle, at the same time reduce the development difficulty of high-tech products, and improve product
Many manufacturers have launched workstations suitable for different user groups, such as IBM, Lenovo, DELL, HP, wiseteam, Zhengrui (domestic) and so on. The manufacturers of industrial-grade integrated workstations include domestic NODKA and Taiwan's Advantech. Due to the maximum compatibility of software and hardware with the performance of the workstation, the assembly machine is generally not satisfied. All brand machines have passed multiple ISV certifications to varying degrees. Only models that have passed software certification are mature, stable, and safe. , High-performance workstations that meet the requirements. For example, the Dell PRECESION T series workstations are certified by more than 80 independent software vendors, covering multiple industries and fields. In the field of professional workstations, Dell is a direct sales network, and its cost-effectiveness is the highest among its peers. IBM and Lenovo have the best performance, but the price is also very expensive. HP is good, and the price is very expensive. Major brands of workstations have distributors in Zhongguancun, such as Dell's CICC High-tech New Materials Co., Ltd., you can learn about the mainstream configuration of each brand and dealer information from the Zhongguancun dealer website. The workstation market has the following market characteristics: The size of the workstation market continues to grow rapidly. The workstation market is fiercely competitive, prices are falling, and profit margins are shrinking. Brand concentration has increased, market share has been further concentrated to first-tier manufacturers, and the survival space of small brands has continued to be squeezed. The characteristics of entry-level workstations replacing high-end desktops are prominent. Although due to historical reasons, foreign brands have always maintained a leading position in the overall product line, but domestic brands have continued to narrow the gap with foreign brands through continuous efforts. In recent years, domestic brands have technically kept pace with the international advanced level, and various manufacturers have basically stood on a unified starting line, while domestic manufacturers have advantages unmatched by foreign manufacturers in terms of price and service: we know domestic companies better Requirements, localized services, and local accessories to complete support in a short time.


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