What Is an Internet Security and Acceleration Server?

Web accelerator is a software for accelerating Internet access. It consists of user terminal software and acceleration server. It has a high-performance network optimization gateway. By improving the HTTP protocol and text and image compression technology, web browsing speed and access speed are greatly improved.

Network accelerator

Web accelerator is the Internet acceleration
Accelerator, can use VPN technology virtual dial-up acceleration software. With the rapid development of the Internet, as of the end of December 2008, the number of domestic online game players has reached 55.5 million, but most players have been suffering from "
Some people in the Internet community said: "The furthest distance in the world is not from China to the United States, but from telecommunications to China Netcom!". There are countermeasures when there is a problem, and network accelerators have emerged at the historic moment.
Here, I will talk about the working principle of acceleration software, and popularize the knowledge of acceleration software, so that netizens can make correct judgments in selection, so as not to blindly choose to cause losses. In fact, the principle of acceleration software is very simple, that is, using VPN technology, users log in to a server with a dual-line bandwidth (professional term: node server) through a login server with an account password provided by the acceleration software vendor and establish it with it. Connect and change the current (that is, the local Internet environment) network environment. When accessing, the target (for example: a URL) accessed by the machine is forwarded once by the node server, thereby completing the acceleration effect. Here I will quote another example to explain it briefly:
At present, the vast majority of domestic Internet acceleration
After 2007, brands quickly occupied the market, making the acceleration of the software industry a thriving scene. However, it can be seen that the acceleration of software competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Internet Courier always adheres to the principle that the user's acceleration experience is paramount, and continuously strives to improve server line optimization and customer service. UU accelerator and Qiandu Interchange always adhere to free, unified accelerator to speed up The cooperation of manufacturers has done a good job in advertising. Mars Accelerator optimizes the performance of both the client and the server to bite the competition. The lightning speed accelerator has the outstanding advantage of its main campus network acceleration. Power, Xunyou relied on software bundling based on 360 bundling to quickly open the market. However, it is gratifying that although there is a lot of user competition in acceleration software, there seems to be some tacit understanding in this industry. We have never found attacks between vendors' servers, and according to the author's understanding, in this industry There has always been cooperation between servers, which should be regarded as a model in the Chinese IT industry. TWTB One Link Everlink and Joycnc are the earlier accelerator software created in China. At first, because the accelerator software market has been in a vacuum, the emergence of Everlink and Joycnc is naturally passed on among netizens. However, the booming market is bound to attract many The eater therefore has been at a disadvantage in subsequent competitions as his investment in technology research and development has been relatively small. As a result, Seth Accelerator and Boha Accelerator appeared. They ate the original Seven Degree Accelerator, Everlink, joycnc and more unknown small acceleration software manufacturers, gathered the power of several acceleration software, and continuously increased technology investment. In the later period of user maintenance and server erection, a lot of work has been done. The number of users has come up, the server is stable, the service has been done, and the users have strongly supported it, so it has occupied a large number of user camps steadily. Like video websites that are also showing a booming scene, small accelerator software vendors are bound to be acquired by large software vendors or they will never recover. After cooperation, accelerator vendors are bound to be more powerful in technology and capital than others. .
Since the development of the Internet, China has become the country with the largest number of Internet users in the world, which contains huge business opportunities and wealth. For most people, surfing the Internet every day is as common as eating. For such a large group of netizens and around them, a variety of leisure activities have sprouted. Editors believe that from the day when online games land in China, The phenomenon is like "nuclear fission", which quickly ignites the development of the Internet in China. The concept of online consumption by Chinese netizens has been rapidly strengthened, and their online consumption level has broken records year by year. This has led to and promoted the rapid development of a large number of Internet industries, and a number of rapid developments have emerged Among the successful Internet successful people, the most successful ones are Jack Ma's Taobao and Alibaba; Chen Tianqiao's Shanda Network, Shi Yuzhu's Giant Network, and so on. Today's netizens said that surfing the Internet is no longer a simple chat. It has more diversified meanings. The Internet is more closely connected with the daily lives of Chinese netizens. Due to the fact that China Telecom is separated from the north and the south, the separation of China Unicom, China Mobile, and Tietong has caused netizens to encounter great difficulties in accessing websites, work and study, and entertainment. As mentioned above, network accelerators have emerged from time to time, and interconnection between different operators brings the gospel to the majority of Internet users.
to sum up
By analyzing the working principle of the software accelerator, we can sum up several points. In order for the accelerator to have an ideal acceleration effect, its node server bandwidth quality requirements are very high, and node server deployment and management are very critical. Its technology The integration technology with the node server is very important. A successful and excellent acceleration software must have network software development capabilities, large database management capabilities, large network management capabilities, strong bandwidth resource backing, and sufficient funds as prerequisites. There are very few providers of this nature. China's outstanding old-fashioned acceleration software unified accelerator, Xunyou, Linglong, 27 is a category, the other category is the rising star UU accelerator, Thunder accelerator and other acceleration software, both of which have their own strengths, one is an old force, one is a newborn Calf, seize the software, its brand new sales model and advanced management are both a strong challenge to the former and the application of VPN technology has reached a stage where it is in full swing; "chasing the Central Plains, who is the deer?" Who can attract more users? We users do nt need to worry. After all, one more choice is good. A healthy competition environment is good for users. Let us look at service and quality, and let the market make the right decision.


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