What Is an SWF Converter?

(shock wave flash) is a special Flash format developed by Adobe, a type of Flash file, and an animation file format that supports vector and dot matrix graphics. Because it is a vector animation, swf is enlarged or reduced, and the clarity will not be affected. Because it is a program, it is smaller and more conducive to network transmission. The unaffected sharpness and small size make swf files very popular. However, although swf has audio and video, it is not a video format, but an animation format. Due to the limitations of the animation format, this file cannot be widely used in other fields. At the same time, it is not a video format and uses a general video format. The converter cannot be converted. In this case, the SWF of this animation needs a special SWF converter to realize the conversion of its format, so as to achieve its wider application and dissemination.

swf converter

(shock wave flash) Yes
Software size: 8MB
Software type: domestic software / animation conversion
Operating environment: WinXp / Vista / Win7 / 2000/2003/98 / ME / NT
Software language: Simplified Chinese
Authorization: Shared Edition
1. It adopts international advanced codec technology and has extremely fast conversion speed.
2. Support converting Flash SWF to Apple MP4 video format.
3. Support to convert Flash SWF to mobile MP4 video format.
4. Support converting Flash SWF to VCD PAL MPG.
5. Support to convert Flash SWF to DVD PAL MPG.
6. Support converting Flash SWF to SVCD PAL MPG.
7. Support to convert Flash SWF to AVI.
8. Support overspeed conversion.
9. Support background conversion mode, video conversion when CPU is idle.
10. The converted video can be played on 3GP-enabled mobile phones, iPods, iPhones, Apple iPads, smartphones, BlackBerry phones, MP4 and MP5 players.
11. Support common screen mode 4: 3 and wideband mode 16: 9, 37:20, 47:20 video modes.
12, can set the video and audio clarity, bit rate, frame rate, sampling rate and so on.
13, support multiple formats of audio playback and video preview.
14, support automatic shutdown after the conversion is complete.
15, perfect support for multi-core CPU, conversion speed increased by 300%.
16. Perfect support for Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7.
17. Support preview flash.
18.Support some interactive flash

SWF V3.2 swf converter SWF V3.2

SWF V3.2 Chinese version cracked version before the software box has introduced 2 swf conversion software, one is Free SWF Converter, and the other is Freemake Video Converter, these two software are good, but this iWisoft SWF to Video Converter software is more powerful and professional than the previous two. It also supports many formats. SWF is converted to AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, MPEG, DVD, MP3 and other commonly used formats. At the same time, it also supports conversion to special formats such as iPod, iPhone, and Windows Mobile. At the same time, iWisoft SWF to Video Converter is unique in encoding, and supports multiple encodings such as Xvid, Divx, MS-MPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 In order to have a better video effect, the software box recommends that everyone use the H.264 format in Mp4 output [1] .

swf converter without sound solution

There are three software commonly used in SWF to AVI software: Free SWF Converter, iWisoft Flash SWF to Video Converter and Moyea SWF to Video Pro. Regardless of which, a lot of netizens report that the converted video picture plays normally but no sound, which causes this The reason for no sound is mostly because of the Flash Player plug-in. Because SWF is an animation format and cannot be considered a real video format, most conversion software converts it by recording. This requires the Flash Player plug-in to be used first. Play and then record. If Flash Player is not supported, there may be a problem that the screen plays normally but no sound. The solution is to install the early Flash Player plug-in as much as possible (you can uninstall the higher version plug-in first and reinstall the low Version of the Flash Player plug-in), it is found through examples that versions above 11.3 are prone to fail to capture audio streams, resulting in no sound.
iWisoft SWF to Video Converter user interface


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