What Is High Dynamic Range Imaging?

High dynamic range image (High-Dynamic Range, referred to as HDR), can provide more dynamic range and image details than ordinary images, according to different exposure time LDR (Low-Dynamic Range) images, using each exposure The LDR image corresponding to the best detail in time is used to synthesize the final HDR image [1] , which can better reflect the visual effect in human real environment.

High dynamic range image

As mentioned above, HDR is high
HDRI is an abbreviation of High-Dynamic Range (HDR) image, that is, high dynamic range image. It was invented to solve this problem. In short, HDRI is an image with a very wide brightness range, which is better than other formats. The image has a larger brightness data storage, and it records the brightness differently from traditional pictures. It is not a non-linear way to compress the brightness information to 8bit or 16bit.
The top is a compressed HDR image, and the bottom is an image taken directly with the camera
Gorgeous HDR effect map [2]


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