What Is the Free Software Foundation?

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is an American civil non-profit organization dedicated to promoting free software and promoting the freedom of computer users. It was established in October 1985 by Richard Stallman. Its main work is to implement the GNU project, develop more free software, and improve the concept of free software.

Free Software Foundation

Free Software Foundation (Free Software Foundation,
The Free Software Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the freedom of computer users. From its establishment until the mid-1990s, the Free Software Foundation's funds were used to hire programmers to develop free software. There are too many companies and individuals writing free software since the mid-1990s, so employees and volunteers of the Free Software Foundation are mainly in
GNU Project
The Free Software Foundation's original purpose was to promote the development of free software, but the Free Software Foundation also developed
2011 Yukihiro Matsumoto
2010 Rob Savoye
2009 John Gilmore
2008 Wietse Venema
2007 Harald Welte
2006 Ted Ts'o
2005 Andrew Tridgell
2004 Theo de Raadt
2003 Alan Cox
2002 Lawrence Lessig
2001 Guido van Rossum
2000 Brian Paul
1999 Miguel de Icaza
1998 Larry Wall
Year 1999:
The Free Software Foundation has listed a list of high priority projects. The FSF believes that these projects need the attention of the free software community. There is no free software that can be used to replace non-free software in the projects developed by these projects.
Current plans:
Gnash-Free Flash player software
Coreboot-a free BIOS movement
GNU libffcall-a free software alternative to Skype
Kdenlive- a free video editing software
A free software alternative to Google Earth
gNewSense-A GNU / Linux operating system using only free software.
GNU Octave-a free software alternative to Matlab
Replace OpenDWG library
A free software supporting RAR version 3
GDB reversible debugging
Free network router driver
A free software replacement for Oracle Forms


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