What Is VCD Software?

VCD, Video Compact Disc (VCD), is a standard for storing video information on compact discs. VCD can be played on a personal computer or VCD player and most DVD players. The VCD standard was developed by Sony, Philips, JVC, Panasonic and other electrical appliance manufacturers in 1993 [1-2] , and is a white paper standard for digital optical discs.

VCD is the abbreviation of Video Compact Disc: Video Compact Disc.
VCD is a full-motion, full-screen video standard. Its format can be divided into:
Resolution of 352x240 pixels, 29.97 frames per second (suitable for
VCD format is usually
In addition to distinguishing from the logo, you can also distinguish from the color of the disc. The color of general CD discs is aluminum white, or a little lighter
Fault type cause of issue solution
Does not play properly Dirty disc Clean the disc with VCD cleaner or wipe with a soft cotton cloth moistened with pure distilled water
Disc is not in the right position Straighten the disc
Low ambient temperature
You can test the machine while heating, and stop heating immediately when normal
Foreign body on the laser head Clean with VCD machine cleaner
Call for professional maintenance
out of control
Pay attention to whether the large and small discs (LD and VCD) are compatible, and pay attention to whether it is a single disc player or a multi-disc player (generally a three-disc player). Single disc drive is more economical, but multiple disc drives are more convenient. Compatible machines are slightly more expensive.
(1) Pay attention to whether you bring double
Virtual optical drive ( [5] Drive) is a set of tool software that simulates a real optical drive. It can create up to 23 virtual optical drives or 1000 optical drive cabinets, compressing the application software and data on the disc into a virtual optical drive file (*. VCD) is stored on the designated hard disk, and a virtual optical drive icon is generated to inform the operating system that this virtual optical drive can be used as a CD in the optical drive. So when you want to launch this application in the future, you don't need to put the disc in the physical optical drive (it can be executed without a physical optical drive), and you don't need to wait for the slow startup of the optical drive. Just double-click on the virtual disc icon, and the virtual disc will immediately It will be loaded into the virtual CD-ROM drive and executed quickly and easily. This version is a multi-language version, including: Chinese, English, and Japanese. The language version of the operating system is automatically detected and installed during installation.


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