What Are the Different Types of Dry Adhesive?

Instant glue is a glue that dries quickly. It can be quickly glued and easy to use.

The main component of instant adhesive is -cyanoacrylate, which is a one-component, low viscosity, transparent, fast curing adhesive at room temperature. Also called instant glue. It has a wide bonding surface and has good bonding ability to most materials. It is one of the important room temperature curing rubbers. The disadvantages are too fast reaction speed, poor water resistance, large brittleness, low temperature resistance (<70 ), short shelf life, and poor durability. Therefore, corresponding additives should be added when compounding, mostly for temporary Bonding. Host material is specific
Viscosity: 100 --- 300mpa.s
Curing speed: 3 --- 5 seconds (25 ° C)
Shear strength: 10 MPa (steel --- steel)
Instant glue is a fast-drying glue that can be used quickly.
1. Single ingredient: no solvent, easy to use.
2. Quick follow-up: Use a small amount of water and air in the air to connect in a very short time.
3. Normal temperature hardening: it can be used without heating at normal temperature.
4, transparent and colorless: good effect without deterioration.
5, higher strength: suitable for porous and absorbent materials.
6. Medium viscosity: suitable for small area bonding.
7, flexible formula, the glue layer is not white, can not afford Zou, the formed glue layer has high light transmittance.
8. Good resistance to humidity, heat and aging, good radiation resistance, and can maintain a good bonding effect for a long time.
9, safety and toxicity characteristics: no volatile components, no inhalation danger, the glue is practical, non-toxic after curing, convenient and safe to use.
10, good storage stability, storage at room temperature. [1]
1. Clean the surface first to remove dust, oil, rust, etc. from the surface. When bonding metal, it is best to grind it first. For plastic such as PE, PP or PTEE, the surface should be activated first.
2. It can be used immediately after opening the tank without stirring, so as to avoid the formation of air bubbles caused by stirring in the air, which will cause defects on the joint surface. Open the front cover and gently press the tip part with your fingers so that no residual liquid remains, and then cut out the hole with scissors.
3. A small drop of adhesive is dripped on the surface to be bonded, and the bonding is performed immediately, and it is kept until hardening. The bonding area should not be too large, and the thickness of the bonding layer should not exceed 0.2mm. When bonding, apply the adhesive to one side first, and then bond the other side.
4. Wipe the container after use, and cover it with a lid, store it in a cool and dry place or refrigerate [1]
Professionally used for the bonding of crystal and crystal, crystal and glass. It is typically used for industrial, glass crafts, crystal crafts and other industries.
1. The vapor of this adhesive will irritate the mucous membranes and eyes.
2. Avoid contact with the skin and get into the eyes. In case of accident, wash immediately with plenty of water and send to the doctor. When washing the eyes, use dilute
Quickly bond various materials at room temperature, such as: steel, copper, aluminum, rubber, hard plastic, ceramics, glass, etc. Different materials can also be bonded, which can be widely used in electric steam, instruments, meters, machinery, automobiles and other industries Production and maintenance, especially suitable for industrialized assembly line operations.
20g (universal), 50g, 100g, 500g, custom specifications.
Below 20 for 3-12 months
Tips: Please use a thin and uniform sizing when using the product. Store the product in a cool and ventilated place with dark packaging and avoid direct light. The product should be stored in a cool, dry place, avoiding contact with sunlight or ultraviolet light, and sealed after use. Bottle mouth. The unopened original product can be stored for more than eight months at 25 ° C without any pathogenic substances. If it comes into contact with the skin and causes temporary redness during use, it should be washed with soap. [1] .


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