What Is a Heavy Duty Sander?

Grinding machine is a common equipment used to sharpen various tools and tools. It is also used for ordinary small parts for grinding, deburring and cleaning. It is mainly composed of a base, a grinding wheel, an electric motor or other power source, a bracket, a protective cover and a water supply device. Can be divided into handheld grinders, vertical grinders, hanging grinders, desktop grinders and so on.

  1. Desktop grinder
  2. Vertical Grinding Machine (Floor Grinding Machine)
  3. Dust removal type grinder (environment-friendly grinder, dust suction grinder)
  4. Hand-held grinder
  5. Hanging grinder
  6. It drive type grinder
  7. Flexible shaft grinder
  8. Explosion-proof grinding machine
  9. Filter plate type grinder (filter plate dust removal type grinder)
  10. Dust removal type side grinding wheel
It is mainly composed of the base,
The model of the grinder should comply with GB / T 9088, and its meaning is shown in the figure. [2]
The motor does not rotate (there is an electromagnetic sound)
Causes: (1) the starting capacitor is damaged; (2) the three-phase power supply is out of phase; (3) the power switch is damaged; (4) the bearing is stuck; (5) the winding is burned out
Remedy: (1) replace the new capacitor; (2) check the circuit; (3) replace the power switch; (4) replace the bearing; (5) repair the winding
Motor does not rotate (no electromagnetic sound)
Causes: (1) power switch is damaged; (2) power failure; (3) winding is burned out
Remedy: (1) replace the power switch; (2) wait for power supply; (3) repair the windings
Grinding wheels are fragile or worn too fast
Possible causes: (1) the type of the grinding wheel is incorrect; (2) the wheel is out of date or the quality is not good; (3) the bearing is damaged; (4) the installation is incorrect
Remedy: (1) Replace the corresponding type of grinding wheel; (2) Replace the qualified grinding wheel; (3) Replace the bearing; (4) Install correctly
The sound is abnormal
Causes: (1) Serious bearing wear; (2) Incorrect installation of the grinding wheel; (3) True phase operation; (4) Winding failure
Remedy: (1) Replace the bearing; (2) Install the grinding wheel correctly; (3) Check the power supply; (4) Check the winding
Winding burned out
Causes: (1) Stator and rotor scavenging; (2) Three-phase motor running out of phase; (3) Single-phase motor incorrectly connected to 380V power supply
Remedy: (1) replace the bearing; (2) check the power supply; (3) check the power supply
1. The thickness of the grinding wheel should be selected according to the material and processing progress requirements of the device to be processed. Softer metal materials, such as copper and aluminum, should use thicker grinding wheels. For devices that require higher accuracy, use thinner grinding wheels.
2. According to the shape to be processed, select the appropriate grinding wheel surface.
3. The grinding wheel used must be free of cracks, defects and other defects or disability, and the installation must be stable. At this point, you should always pay attention to it during use. Once you find any defects or injuries such as cracks, defects, etc. on the grinding wheel, stop using it immediately and replace it with a new one. When you are moving, you should immediately stop and tighten it.
4. When grinding, the operator should wear protective glasses to prevent the flying metal shavings and sand particles from harming the human body.
5. The pressure applied to the device to be grounded should be appropriate. If the pressure is too large, it will cause overheating and anneal the machined surface. In severe cases, it will not be used, and at the same time, the life of the wheel will be reduced too quickly.
6. For devices with a width smaller than the grinding surface of the grinding wheel, during the grinding process, do not always perform grinding on one part of the grinding wheel, and perform horizontal translation at a certain period on the grinding surface of the grinding wheel, in order to make the grinding of the grinding wheel. The surface can be kept relatively flat for future processing.
7. In order to prevent the overheated annealing of the machined surface of the device being ground, the ground part can be cooled in deep human water at any time.
8. Periodically measure the insulation resistance of the motor, and it should be guaranteed to be not less than 5M.) A circuit breaker with a leakage protection device should be used to connect to the power supply.


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