What Is a Leveling Rod?

The spirit level is a measuring instrument that uses the principle of liquid level to directly display the angular displacement with a level bubble, and measures the deviation of the measured surface from the horizontal position, vertical position, and inclined position.

Spirit level is mainly used for detection or measurement
Light weight, 1.5kg / m less than 2 meters, 3kg / m more than 2 meters. A 6-meter-long flat ruler weighs only 18 kg and can be easily used by one person. Not easy to deform: The point of the song of general steel material is
The cast point of cast iron is
The spirit level is easy to store: it can be hung and laid horizontally, and will not be affected by long-term lying.
The zero error of the spirit level (including the zero error of the horizontal position, the zero error of the plumb position, and the zero error of the 450 position) and the graduation error are important items for the calibration of the spirit level. [1]
Production of precision level by weight line
Using the weight line can make a precise spirit level, which is not only simple to produce, but also accurate in measurement. It not only integrates the original function of the triangle plate, but also measures the slope angle of the surface of the object.
In life, people often use a spirit level to detect whether an object is level. A common level is a bubble level. It relies on the movement of the level bubble in the glass tube to determine whether the object is horizontal. When the spirit level is tilted, the bubble will move to the rising end, so as to determine which end of the object is high and which end is low. [2]

Spirit level equipment

Ordinary protractor, thin wire, small cone, triangular plate for teaching, super glue.

How to make a spirit level

(1) Improve the protractor scale as shown in the figure.
Improved protractor scale
(2) Make a heavy hammer line with a thin line and a cone.
(3) Adhere the protractor and the teaching triangle with the strong glue as shown in the figure. Make sure that the zero scale of the protractor is perpendicular to the bottom of the triangle.
experimental device
(4) Use strong glue to fix one end of the weight line at the center of the protractor.

How to use the spirit level

Place the bottom edge of the triangular plate close to the surface of the object to be measured and place it vertically, as shown in the figure. If the surface of the measured object is horizontal, then the weight line will be equal to the zero of the protractor.
Physical map
The scale lines coincide; if the surface of the measured object is not level, the angle indicated by the weight line on the protractor is equal to the slope angle of the surface of the measured object. [3]


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