What Is a Live Wire?

The zero-line hot line refers specifically to the power supply line for civilian electricity. The AC power supply voltage of the city power is 220 volts (V) (different countries are different, China is 220V). It includes a neutral wire [N] and a live wire [L]. The ground wire is grounded (ground is zero, PE), so it is called the neutral wire.

Neutral line of fire

In order to make the AC power have a convenient power conversion function, the power is usually transmitted in a three-phase four-wire manner. The three heads of the three-phase power are called phase wires, and the three tails of the three-phase power are connected together. Zero line. " The reason for calling it the neutral line is that no current passes through the neutral line at the time of the three-phase equilibrium, and then it is directly or indirectly connected to the ground, and the voltage to the ground is also close to zero.
The ground is a good conductor, and the ground wire is short-circuited to the ground through a buried electrode.
The mainland generally uses red to indicate the L (LIVE) line, which is the fire line; blue represents the N (NEUTRAL) line, which is the zero line;


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