What Is a Pulley Tool?

The ladders belonged to war equipment in ancient times and were used to climb the walls and attack the city.

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The ladders belonged to war equipment in ancient times and were used to climb the walls and attack the city.
Some types of ancient ladders have wheels under them to drive them, so they are also called " cloud ladder cars ". They are equipped with shields, winches, grapples, etc.
Used to climb the walls in ancient Chinese war
In ancient times, people called aerial ladders, bamboo or wooden ladders, called cloud ladders, which were cumbersome to use and their safety was not guaranteed.
Through technological improvements, modern people use manganese steel and aluminum alloys to replace the raw materials for making ladders. The scissor lifts and aluminum alloy lifting platforms produced in production have beautiful appearance, convenient movement, fast installation, and high safety performance. They are good for high-altitude operations. helper.
Cloud ladder (21 photos)
Hyundai ladder cars originated in Germany, and the most widely used is South Korea. They are mostly used for moving houses in South Korea. The ladder cars have a history of more than 30 years.
From the beginning of industrialization in China until the beginning of the 21st century, the production experience was zero.
During this period, there were sporadic cloud ladder cars, and the number was very small. All of them were imported from South Korea. The use of Korean cloud ladders was single, unable to meet the usage requirements of China, and it was extremely difficult to sell.
It was not until 2012 that national patents issued announcements stating that a new type of cloud ladder [1] , a convenient cloud ladder car bucket [1] , and a cloud ladder feeder [1] were successfully developed.
The ladder car is a special-purpose vehicle for carrying materials upstairs. The vehicle has the characteristics of simple operation, easy learning, flexibility, wide application, high work efficiency, and excellent performance.
The ladder truck is also called the ladder truck, aerial work truck, ladder truck.
The vehicle is mainly used for project leasing, curtain wall construction, roof waterproofing, solar installation, advertising anti-aircraft artillery, power maintenance, air-conditioning installation, moving company, cement and sand handling, ship maintenance, road and bridge repair, etc.


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