What Is a Solar Chimney?

Solar chimney power generation [1] is a new energy technology. The earliest study of SC was by French scientists Trombe, Trombe. This research caused widespread concern. Later, people carried out a series of exploratory research on SC and applied SC to many fields. SC technology as a new technology It has very broad application prospects in improving the indoor living environment, drying treatment of food and agricultural and sideline products, seawater desalination, improving local microclimates and power generation, and has become a new energy source in this century. The background of solar chimney power generation technology, the principle of solar chimney power generation technology, the characteristics of solar chimney power generation, the research progress of solar chimney power generation countries in the world, and the development status and prospects are introduced.

With the rapid growth of the world's population and the rapid development of industry, the demand for energy continues to increase, environmental pollution is also increasing, the impact of the global greenhouse effect continues to rise, and the living environment of human beings is deteriorating; cheap oil and natural gas will also be exhausted, and countries around the world Reliance on clean new energy demand has also gradually increased. Experts from various countries pay special attention to the new energy problem in the 21st century and are very optimistic about new renewable energy. The search for new technologies for the utilization of clean energy has become one of the research hotspots, and solar power generation technology will be the most promising new energy technology [2]
Stephen of the University of Stuttgart strongly believes that the performance of solar chimneys may be different for a larger installation and may cause certain problems, but these problems can be overcome, and solar chimney power plants will play the role of future large power stations [6 ] .
China has a vast territory and abundant solar energy resources. The areas with better solar energy utilization account for more than two-thirds of China's land area. The Northwest and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau are even more unique. The average annual sunshine time is more than 2,000 h and the total annual radiation is 1 500-1 800 kWh / m2. It is an important solar application base in China and will definitely play an important role in the solar industry in China . The western region of China is rich in solar energy resources, has a certain foundation in solar energy development and utilization, and industrial development has begun to take shape. At present, many countries and international companies are optimistic about the solar energy utilization market in northwestern China, and various assistance programs and demonstration application projects have come one after another. This is not only a great opportunity for China's solar industry, but also a severe challenge. The research on solar chimney power generation technology has not been carried out abroad for a long time, and there is less research in this area in China. China should intensify research. If the technology of solar chimney power generation is mature, it will provide inexhaustible power resources for the development of western China, which can promote the development of China's solar energy industry and the process of large-scale development in the western region.
The global shortage of conventional energy, the increasing conflict between supply and demand, global warming, and ecological protection are imminent. These two huge pressures will force people to look for new and renewable energy sources. Among many energy sources, solar energy has unique advantages because it has unlimited reserves. Completely clean. Therefore, solar energy is getting more and more attention. Solar chimney (SC) technology combines ancient chimney technology with modern solar thermal utilization technology. Based on the principle of natural ventilation under the effect of heat pressure, solar radiation is used for air flow. Provide power to convert thermal energy into kinetic energy, thereby increasing the head and exhaust air volume. The earliest study of SC was by French scientist Trombe, Trombe. This research caused widespread concern. Subsequently, people carried out a SC A series of exploratory research and applied SC to many fields. As a new technology, SC technology has a very broad application in improving the indoor living environment, drying food and agricultural and sideline products, desalination, improving local climate and power generation The future has become the new energy of this century.


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